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Crave Cupcakes is a “cupcakery” located in Houston, Texas. The owners of Crave Cupcakes realized the importance of social marketing as a tool for building a larger customer base and for staying at the forefront of the minds of those customers. The Crave Cupcakes folks came to the staff at, looking to build their presence on Facebook.

In less than three months, using a strategic plan of advertising and a new store opening campaign, the followers of Crave Cupcakes’ Facebook page grew from around 8,000 to over 16,000. This means that the owners of Crave Cupcakes now appear on the computers of over 8,000 more potential and current customers every time they update their Facebook page with new information or pictures of their delicious products.

The professionals at Optidge understand how important social media is to local businesses, as well as to those looking to appeal to a national or international audience. The success story of Crave Cupcakes clearly illustrates how a huge site such as Facebook can be utilized to dramatically increase business for a company.

Whatever regional, age or gender demographic you are looking to attract for your business, Optidge can leverage a social media plan to greatly increase your visibility.

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