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When the Houston Symphony went on tour in the United Kingdom, they wanted to blog their experiences to the world. This would provide both an insightful look into a symphonic tour of a large magnitude, as well as generate some buzz and publicity for the tour. To get the blog up and running, the Houston Symphony turned to

The experienced pros at Optidge designed a bright, aesthetically pleasing blog site, which offered a wealth of information on everybody involved in the tour. The site allowed for easy updates from tour members in the form of blog posts, which kept readers in tune with developments at every stage of the journey.

The site became a multimedia extravaganza, offering press clippings from the tour and an extensive selection of photos and video clips from many of the steps along the way. The site was the perfect, all-in-one point of reference for marketing the event. Regular readers of the blog could feel as if they were a part of the whole experience.

The tour, which was called “The Planets – An HD Odyssey: 2010 UK Tour,” was a huge success. A good portion of that success was facilitated by the blog created by

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