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Being competitive in virtually any marketplace today requires a strong Internet presence as well as an in-depth ability to deftly promote one’s goods or services to the world via the web. is a leader in every aspect of getting a quality online presence designed and built, and they ensure that the digital world will be exposed to that presence.

Facebook and Social Media Advertising

Social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and a litany of others, have evolved from being a hangout for college kids to becoming the main source of interaction for people of every gender, age and sector of society. Tapping into this endless demographic is critical for properly promoting any business or individual. is well-versed in every aspect of social media advertising. We can create a dynamic advertising program for you or your company that will be seen by an audience many times larger than that which views the Super Bowl every year – at a ridiculously lower cost than a 15-second ad during the big game would cost.

Facebook Applications

If you have ever played a game or taken an interactive survey on Facebook, then you have used a social media application. These programs – “apps,” as they are commonly called – are also wildly popular on smart phones such as the iPhone. Creating one of these applications is a demanding process, but it is one that Optidge can skillfully handle on your behalf.

Having an app created for your business is a tremendous method for advertising your goods or services. Allow Optidge to consult with you and develop a strategy for getting your message into the public’s web browsers through a meticulously designed application.

Custom Facebook Fan Pages

Fan Pages on Facebook that are catchy, cutting edge or that handle detailed processes such as the gathering of information, require a professional’s touch to be effective. Optidge can create a custom Facebook page or pages for your Facebook fan page, whatever the need may be. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver fan pages that stand out and efficiently do the job for which they are designed every time.

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