Houston Symphony & Optidge Case Study

Since 1913, the Houston Symphony has been making beautiful music for the residents of Houston and those who come from around the world to hear the works of Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert and Mendelssohn. The Houston Symphony has always placed a strong emphasis on their loyal fan base, which led the net-savvy organizers of the Symphony to seek the help of Optidge.

Optidge and the Houston Symphony worked in concert to design and produce the organization’s main blog, a highly developed and articulated site complete with its own domain separate from the Houston Symphony’s primary site.

One of the highlights of the Houston Symphony blog is the “How Music Inspires You” page, a unique mini blog that invites fans of the Symphony to share their experiences and stories about how the music of the Houston Symphony, or music in general, has helped to shape their lives. Optidge facilitated the technical aspects of the page, including the ability for fans to upload both text and images.

In addition to this featured page, the Houston Symphony blog includes a rotating banner that summarizes the latest blog posts through images and text quotes. The page also includes links for upcoming concerts, archived posts from previous months and the ability to view posts according to category.

This very same functionality can be the new cornerstone of your blog, community site or e-commerce site. Optidge can provide the tools necessary to get the job done.