Monday-Friday: 9:00 - 18:00

Digital Marketing Executive Education & Training in Houston, TX and Beyond

Optidge can hold either a 1/2 or Full day sessions to help educate your key digital/marketing stakeholders on the latest digital and social strategies, trends and tools.

Topics Optidge can cover include (but are not limited to):

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords and PPC Marketing
    • Search
    • Display
    • Retargeting
    • Shopping
    • Youtube
  • Social Media Marketing and Advertising
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Linkedin

Custom Programs and Trainings are available. Contact us for more details.




OpenStax is a nonprofit based at Rice University with a mission to improve student access to education. Optidge performed a 4-week in-depth audit of its 2 sites, and, provided detailed training for improving their search results, educated the team about SEO best practices and tricks, and developed a content strategy for

“Thanks for your work on this audit; there is a sense of relief and confidence here that we have tangible, informed methods with which we can move forward to make improvements in our search results. Your “teaching” approach in presentations is also much appreciated here.”

— Courtney Raymond, Content Marketing & Analytics Manager

Executive Education – Bauer College

“…I sent one of my sons to one (I think only one, but I don’t actually know if he went to two) of the web courses early last week. He was impressed with the instructor, the pragmatic approach to the coursework and left with clear actions that we can take. In other words, congratulations. We will be sending additional folks to future courses.”

— Derek Maetzold, President and CEO, Castle Biosciences

“While I thought I had a basic knowledge of SEO, this class took it to the next level. We covered strategic and technical tasks, and by the end of the class, I had a long list of action items to take back to my team. The instructors even helped me work through some real-life challenges I had been experiencing in my day-to-day work.”

— Alison Sutton, Student

Blogger Union – Houston Chapter

“…By the way Melissa Drake who took your Blogger Union class said you changed her entire blog! She just went fulltime and is getting more traffic than ever. :)”

— Jillian Goltzman, Chapter President

Digital Marketing Masters Classes – Bauer College

“Professor Danny is very knowledgeable in both PPC and SEO and was always willing to answer the questions we have. I could feel Danny is very enthusiastic about teaching this course. The course covers up-dated information in the digital marketing field. I am glad that I have the opportunity to have this lecture.”

“Great practical experience that really helped the class concepts sink in. Danny’s enthusiasm for the topics of the course is really motivating and makes the class subject very interesting.”

“Danny was super enthusiastic and was clearly passionate about the subject. That made it really easy to be engaged and excited about the class.”

“…Danny presented the material in a way that was interesting and easy to understand, even when the material was more technical. They took the time to explain further if necessary. I really enjoyed the labs because the practical application helped to reinforce what we learned in lectures and gave me the opportunity to use many different tools. “

“Class was fantastic in introducing me to the world of social media advertising on a more professional level. I feel like I learned a lot but that there’s still a lot more to read and experience with social media marketing. Thanks for a good semester, Danny!”

“I want to just say that your first lecture has helped me a lot so far. I’m working for a startup and our marketing area is non-existent. I’ve been thrown into the role because I’m getting an MS in Marketing. I’ve been researching the keywords and I’m looking to see how we can get on the first page of Google. I think we could hit the sweet spot of “Traffic Drivers”. So, thank you in advance for the knowledge you are going to give. I’m already light years ahead of where I was 24 hours ago.”

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