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Shining Bright with a Shoestring Budget: Maximizing Black Friday Sales for Brian Gavin Diamonds

Harnessing Meta’s Enhanced Tracking Capabilities and Focusing on High-Intent Audiences for Profitable Sales

Brian Gavin Diamonds, a family-operated business with a five-generation legacy, stands as a reputed name in the diamond jewelry industry. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and personalized diamond experiences, the company had been attempting to navigate the changes to Meta’s tracking capabilities following iOS 14.5 with mixed results.

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Campaign Challenge

In November 2022, as Meta reintroduced more detailed reporting on website conversions and Brian Gavin Diamonds launched a new Shopify website using Meta’s Conversion API, the stage was set to test a website purchase campaign. The goal was to generate profitable sales during the highly competitive Black Friday/Cyber Monday period (November 24-28). Optidge’s challenge was to execute a campaign that drives conversions and revenue profitably in this short time frame with a limited budget.

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  • The objective was to execute a campaign strategy over five days with a limited budget, aiming to achieve a 3x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Plan & Execution

1. Prioritizing high-intent audiences

With a relatively low budget and elevated CPMs, the strategy was to focus on retargeting audiences, consolidating them into one ad set to maximize performance. This audience consisted of past purchasers, email newsletter subscribers, site visitors from the last year, and anyone recently engaged with the brand on Meta’s platforms.

2. Leveraging Meta’s enhanced tracking

The campaign focused on driving higher-intent traffic to the Brian Gavin Diamonds website using Meta’s revamped website conversion event type. The team optimized on the Purchase event for efficiency.

3. Capitalizing on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Optidge collaborated with the Brian Gavin Diamonds team to emphasize a 20% discount offered throughout the week, creating urgency and incentivizing purchase behavior.

4. Emphasizing popular product types

The creative strategy revolved around featuring the most popular product – custom diamond engagement rings. Four creatives (two static images and two GIFs) were developed. Once live, underperforming ads were paused to channel the budget behind top performers.


The focused retargeting strategy led to a successful campaign with a 9x ROAS in the highly competitive Black Friday/Cyber Monday advertising market, surpassing the initial goal by 300%. This campaign became a finalist for the AMA of Houston’s Crystal Awards for the category of “Best Marketing Campaign with a Shoestring Budget.