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Paid advertising can boost your revenue if it is set up and managed properly

Organic reach is powerful, but hard to achieve. By paying to advertise on search engines, you get in front of the right people, exactly when they’re searching for products like yours. Paid search gives you laser-targeted visibility in front of a ready-to-buy customer and delivers immediate results.

The problem? Unless your account has meticulous management and skillful oversight, you’ll get minimal (or negative) ROI.

What you need is an agency that has the skill, desire and experience to run profitable paid search campaigns.

Learn how our paid search campaign increased digitally-driven sales by 94% for a manufacturing company

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We’ll get you in front of the ready-to-buy prospects at the right cost.

With 12 years of experience in running successful paid campaigns, we’re Paid Search pros.

Our tenacious commitment to optimization means you get the best performance for the lowest cost. Instead of throwing your money down Google’s black hole, you’re making a smart investment that will accelerate your traffic, leads and profits.

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Our Platforms

Google Ads Search & Display Network

Google search network is the most powerful way to reach your audience at the exact time they’re interested in your product or service. It does this through incredibly precise keyword targeting. This lets you show up to the exact type of customer who is actively searching for your offer right now. By creating and managing well-thought-out and strategically sound paid search campaigns, we help you increase your reach and grow your client base.

Microsoft Advertising Network (Bing)

Many agencies mistakenly ignore the Microsoft Advertising Network. While Google is king, Microsoft is a valuable complementary Paid Search platform offering significant reach. Paid advertising costs are typically lower on this network. Since clicks are cheaper, so you can get more for your money. When it makes sense for your target audience, advertising budget, and offer, we’ll advertise here.

“Since starting with Optidge, our online presence has improved by leaps and bounds.”

Ursula O’Hara, Nick’s Plumbing
“They’re an extension of our team.”Ursula o’Hara, CMO, Nick’s Plumbing & AC

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Why We’re So Good At Paid Search

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We’re obsessive about optimization

We are constantly pushing campaigns beyond the status quo. By digging into the campaign data on a daily and weekly basis, we pinpoint areas of improvement. We carry out regular AB tests, without you asking us or reminding us.

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We track online and offline leads

Paid search ads generate online form submissions and direct phone calls to your business. Using dynamic call tracking software, we track each phone call, listen to the quality of the interaction, and tag accordingly. This allows us to optimize our campaigns based on more than surface-level conversions. We make data-based decisions on the actual quality of leads that arrive via forms, emails AND phone calls.

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We give you useful reports

We don’t extract reams of data and dump them on you. Each month, you’ll get user-friendly, customized reports which show key measurements (like cost per quality lead) along with a clear interpretation of the results so you can understand where your money is going. We also provide you with comprehensive integrated Data Studio Dashboards so you can see the performance of all campaigns and platforms in real-time.

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We care about your budget. A lot

We’re extremely cost-oriented. We want to get you the highest number of quality clicks for the lowest cost, increasing ROA and your profits. Tracking offline conversions like telephone calls allows us to monitor the conversion of the entire campaign.

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We’re honest and reliable

If a campaign isn’t working, or we think your budget will be better allocated for something else, we’ll tell you straight. We know exactly what’s going on with your campaigns at all times, giving them the attention they need to succeed.

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We move quickly

As a small agency, we provide personalized, highly responsive service. If you need to pivot quickly based on performance or business needs, we’ll do our best to help.

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Should I start with SEO or Paid ads?

It depends on how quickly you want to see results. While SEO is a longer-term strategy, paid ads deliver more immediate results. We usually suggest starting with a paid search campaign so you see ROI from the start. It also gives us data-driven insight into what keywords work best which in turn helps us build a robust SEO strategy. However, there are clients who prefer to start with a longer-term investment in SEO. For best long-term results, a combination of SEO and paid campaigns are recommended.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

SEO is about playing the longgame. SEO is not a simple strategy. It has many sub-strategies that allow it to be extremely effective in the long run. Most businesses can expect to see SEO results within six months. It’s important to remember that SEO is an investment which pays you back over time.

Is it possible to rank on page 1 of Google?

Yes! However, results like these do not happen overnight. You can’t buy Google’s love - you need to earn it. It takes analysis, research, strategy, and technical onsite optimizations to reach this prized position. It also depends on your industry, competitors and a bunch of considerations that impact your ability to rank.

Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes. Getting the result you want at the price you need is not an overnight process. It takes commitment from both parties. We ask you to commit to an initial three-month agreement so we can roll up our sleeves, get to know your business and build campaigns that work hard for you. Not satisfied? Just give us 30 days’ notice at any point, and you can move on.

What if it doesn’t work?

We don’t promise you the world and then disappoint you. While the first iteration of a campaign may not work right away, we’ll never wait for you to tell us it’s not working. We’ve got our eye on the ball - every day. If it’s not performing as we expected, we pivot, adjust and put our creative thinking hats on. There is ALWAYS an option. And we will find it.

How much do I need to spend for it to work?

That depends on your offer, product, and industry. Contact us and we’ll recommend a minimum suggested budget based on your goals.