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Get ready to get human! Digital marketing has a whole “people” side of things, and we’re here to uncover it! Danny Gavin, your Digital Marketing Mentor, explores the meeting point of mentorship and marketing in this captivating podcast featuring interviews with marketing experts and industry leaders.

As they chat about their history with mentorship and guiding others, they’ll delve into how these connections have affected their careers, marketing strategies, and lives. Deep conversations on how we’re all human highlight how current marketing trends are influenced, and you’ll come away from each episode with real, actionable marketing strategies and skills to implement. 

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  • 065: High School Side Hustle Turned Thriving Tik Tok Agency

    This episode of the Digital Marketing Mentor takes us back to the classroom as we talk with Noah Frydberg, full-time university student at the University of Texas and founder of the multi-million dollar digital marketing agency, Maverick Creative. We discuss with this young entrepreneur about his greatest mentor, what led him to take the leap into starting his own company, and why he feels TikTok is a digital marketing goldmine that’s being underutilized by businesses looking to scale.

  • 064: Self-Taught SEO: Using Professional Setbacks to Inspire a Future in Freelance

    Pack your bags and join us as we head to Minnesota to speak with Nick LeRoy, freelance SEO consultant and owner of In today’s episode of the Digital Marketing Mentor Podcast, we’ll explore how Nick hit the ground running by learning SEO in his first job out of college. Having experienced several professional setbacks, he shares how he used this experience and leaned into mentors to propel him into entrepreneurship and a freelance career in SEO. We’ll hear about his passion project,, and his vision to revolutionize the SEO job market.

  • 063: Wil’s Wisdom: Weaving Value, Vision, and Virtue in Digital Marketing 

    Buckle up for today’s episode as the Digital Marketing Mentor takes you on an exciting journey with Wil Reynolds, the founder, and VP of Innovation at SEER Interactive. As one of the most esteemed digital marketing agencies in the U.S., we’ll talk to this former economics teacher about his life-long passion for learning, creating value, and giving back to others and what led to his creation of SEER Interactive. Wil also discusses the power of mentorship and the importance of the human connection with customers through SEO in the face of growing AI influence. 

  • 062: Queen of Content Solutions: Empowerment Through Mentorship

    This episode features Purna Virji, principal consultant of Content Solutions at LinkedIn, and explores her holistic view of content marketing. She dives into what has shaped her perspective through her 20-year career in marketing as a content creator, program manager, SEO public, instructional designer, and brand evangelist. Tune in to learn more about mentorship's role in Purna’s journey in content marketing and hear some of the best engagement tips from one of the industry’s social media marketing gurus. 

  • 061: The Ins and Outs of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising – The Best of PPC 

    Join us for this special episode of The Digital Marketing Mentor as we reflect on our conversations with various guests about their experiences with PPC advertising. We cover everything from why our guests entered this industry to bid management, control metrics, conversion tracking, and GA4. Whether you’re new to PPC or a seasoned pro, this Best of PPC episode will offer advice and anecdotes regarding this rapidly evolving industry.

  • 060: Brie’s BEAST Beacon: Mentoring Marvels and Analytical Adventures

    Join us for an inspiring episode as we explore Brie Anderson's journey from soccer scholarship to digital marketing expertise, discovering the power of saying “YES!” to opportunities and effective mentorship. Gain valuable insights into navigating digital landscapes, leveraging data, and empowering yourself in today's ever-evolving world. Don't miss this enriching discussion filled with actionable analytics advice.

  • 059: Bringing Heart into Building HubSpot with Berlin Heart (Office Hours)

    In this episode, learn how Optidge teamed up with Berlin Heart to customize HubSpot, revolutionizing their data management. Explore the challenges Berlin Heart faced with spreadsheets and discover how Optidge customized HubSpot to streamline workflows and enable remote accessibility. Hear firsthand about the benefits of tailored CRM solutions and join us as we uncover the transformative power of this partnership with Berlin Heart.

  • 058: Multilingual Maestro: Andrea Cruz’s Guide to Mentorship and B2B Marketing Excellence

    Discover Andrea Cruz's journey from Venezuela to Boston, mastering business administration and international marketing. Learn about the power of mentorship and the intricacies of B2B marketing in this insightful episode.

  • 057: Mastering Google Ads: Secrets to Success in Search, Speaking, and Strategy

    Join Susan Wenograd as she shares her journey in digital marketing, blending creativity with practicality. Explore mentorship insights and the evolving landscape of Google Ads and new strategies to optimize in a post-cookie world!

  • britney muller

    056: Leveraging LLMs: Britney Muller’s Insights on AI, Advocacy, and ASL

    Join us for a captivating conversation with Britney Muller, where she delves into the realms of mentorship, AI innovations, and her enchanting ASL escapades. Explore the intersection of expertise and experience in this digital marketing adventure!

  • andrew foxwell

    055: The King of Paid Social’s Path from Harmony to High-Performance Marketing

    Join us on this episode as Andrew Foxwell shares his journey from St. Olaf University thru Capitol Hill to California, revealing how mentorship played a pivotal role in his career. Discover the inception of Foxwell Founders, a thriving community connecting marketers and mentors. Andrew reflects on the power of mentorship, the challenges of parenting during a pandemic, and the evolution of digital advertising and paid social on platforms like TikTok.

  • A Podcast On Mentorship Musings: Advertising And The Art Of Tailored Guidance With Raphael Gavin And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    054: Mentorship Musings: Advertising and the Art of Tailored Guidance with Raphael Gavin

    In this episode, Raphael Gavin, the media-production master, spills the beans on navigating the advertising industry, humorous entry to his career, and the transformative power of mentorship. From his accidental title upgrade to the importance of tailored guidance, dive into the world of advertising with wit and wisdom.

  • A Podcast On Effective Digital Marketing And Entrepreneurial Endeavors With Sarah Stemen And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    053: Effective Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurial Endeavors with Sarah Stemen

    Join us in this episode as we hear about Sarah Stemen’s journey from programming through in-house marketing to starting her own business. From unexpected mentorship lessons to the art of being an accessible mentor, Sarah spills the beans on agency struggles, the power of conversation in consulting, and her unique approach to Google Ads.

  • A Podcast On Transition From Corporate To Creative Marketing With Tracy’s Tale And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    052: Tracy’s Tale of Transition from Corporate to Creative Marketing (Office Hours)

    On this special Office Hours episode, we are talking with Tracy about making a grand career change. After nearly a decade of working, after achieving a doctorate in physical therapy, Tracy transitioned to freelance work in marketing. Listen in to hear how she faced the questions, both from others and herself, the imposter syndrome, and the challenges of starting a new career. 

  • A Podcast On A Mosaic Of Mentorship – Valuable Life Lessons With Vicky Charleston And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    051: A Mosaic of Mentorship – Vicky’s Valuable Life Lessons

    Venture on Vicky Charleston's transformative journey from art student to corporate leader. Uncover the profound impact of mentors, familial wisdom, and the challenges of breaking biases in the corporate realm. Explore the multi-chromatic blend of creativity and analytics in her digital marketing odyssey, proving that artistry and strategy can coalesce seamlessly.

  • A Podcast On Debunking, Diversifying, And Diving Into The Data Of Paid Social Ads With Joseph Wolf And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    050: Debunking, Diversifying, and Diving into the Data of Paid Social Ads with Joseph Wolf (Office Hours)

    Explore the dynamic world of social media advertising with Joseph Wolf, Optidge’s Head of Paid Social. From diverse campaign strategies to understanding audience behaviors, uncover the importance of quality over quantity and the nuances of tracking for optimal results. Join us as we debunk common myths and gain insights into crafting effective social media campaigns.

  • A Podcast On Navigating Personal Branding And Demolishing Imposter Syndrome With Stacey Piefer And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    049: Navigating Personal Branding and Demolishing Imposter Syndrome with Stacey Piefer

    Join us as Stacey Piefer shares her transformative career, from journalism to purposeful, personal branding. Discover the power of mentoring, authenticity, and Stacey's mission to banish imposter syndrome on the University of Houston campus. Unveil the truth in advertising and explore the evolving landscape of marketing through the lens of a perpetual student of life.

  • A Podcast On The Profound Pursuit Of Problem-Solving With Pinny Gniwisch And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    048: The Profound Pursuit of Problem-Solving with Pinny Gniwisch

    In today’s episode, hear Pinny's extraordinary journey from Montreal to Harvard, shaped by mentorship, global ventures, and entrepreneurship. Discover the transformative power of an unconventional Rabbi, lessons from a father who survived the Holocaust, and the innovative era of early digital marketing with Join us for a conversation on life's variety of experiences, business adventures, and the joy of being a "Zadie."

  • A Podcast On Fairly Fearless: From Film To Flourishing In Marketing With Sicily Dickenson And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    047: Fairly Fearless: From Film to Flourishing in Marketing with Sicily Dickenson

    In this episode, we explore Sicily Dickenson's unique journey from film to marketing, driven by fearless challenges and mentorships. Learn how she shapes careers, empowers customers, and tackles the intricacies of national brand marketing. Discover the importance of likability and responding to challenges in the make-or-break moments of branding.

  • A Podcast On From University Of Houston Dreamer To Houston Exponential CEO With Natara Branch And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    046: From University of Houston Dreamer to Houston Exponential CEO with Natara Branch

    In today’s episode, we discover the transformative journey of Natara Branch, from her early experiences at the University of Houston through her unprecedented career at the NFL to her pivotal role in cultivating a thriving startup ecosystem, as she leads Houston Exponential in redefining the city's identity beyond its traditional industries.

  • A Podcast On Destination: Digital Marketing Data With Duane Brown And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    045: Destination: Digital Marketing Data with Duane Brown

    Join us in this episode as Duane Brown, Founder & Head of Strategy at Take Some Risk Inc., shares his unique journey from college in Canada to the realm of digital marketing, unveiling the power of mentorship, strategic PPC tactics, and the often-overlooked nuances of data analysis in advertising.

  • A Podcast On From Award-Winning Dalmatian Drawing To Data In Paid Search Campaigns With Caroline Pham And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    044: From Award-Winning Dalmatian Drawing to Data in Paid Search Campaigns with Caroline Pham (Office Hours)

    In today’s office hours episode, we discuss all things data-driven marketing with Optidge’s Caroline Pham. She shares insights on creating and optimizing paid search campaigns, goal-type selection, and navigating budget increases. You’ll also learn how her drawing of a Dalmatian won her Best of Show at the Houston Rodeo and set her on her path to a great career in digital marketing. 

  • eric vardon

    043: All Maple, Amazing Mentors, Arcane Marketing, and More with Eric Vardon

    Today, we delve into Eric Vardon's journey from pioneering the digital marketing landscape in the 90s to co-founding and gracefully selling his first agency, Arcane. We discuss the valuable lessons in mentorship, business growth, and smooth acquisitions he’s learned along the way.

  • alison reeves

    042: Missionaries, Mentors, Masterminds, Mediums, and Marketing w/ Alison Reeves

    Today’s episode brings us the story of Alison Reeves, a business and mindset coach. We learn how she grew through mentors and mastermind courses to offer her coaching services today. She also gives plenty of tips and marketing tools you can use today to help improve your reach and marketing strategy!

  • navah hopkins

    041: English, Ethics, Education, and Encouragement in Paid Search with Navah Hopkins

    From an early dream of becoming an English teacher to her pivotal shift into the marketing world, Navah's story is a testament to following one's true calling. Discover how her mentors shaped her into a professional and compassionate leader, and explore mentorship strategies that have left a lasting impact. Navah shares invaluable insights on digital marketing trends, data privacy, and the surprising findings from Optmyzer's recent study. Whether you're an experienced marketer or a newcomer, Navah's wisdom will leave you inspired and better equipped for success in the dynamic realm of digital marketing.

  • jenna meldrum

    040: All Aboard! Amazing Client Onboarding with Jenna Meldrum (Office Hours)

    Two of the key responsibilities of account management are expectation management and client onboarding. In this episode, we learn from Jenna Meldrum, account manager extraordinaire at Optidge, how a successful onboarding process sets the tone for the rest of your client relationship. We also learn how to manage delicate conversations about scope and upsells and how to manage the people on both sides of the table: your team and the client.

  • media management mike metzler

    39: Masters Degrees in Media Management, Mentoring, and Masterful Social Media Marketing with Mike Metzler

    Mike Metzler has long had a home on social media: beginning on Facebook in 2005 as a college student to interviewing celebrities octagon-side for UFC Instagram to becoming a social media consultant and strategist. In this episode, you’ll learn the many steps it took to get to this point and how his first boss/mentor and doodling his corgi as an astronaut helped him along his path. Get ready for a great cliff’s notes version of Social Media Marketing 101 with Mike Metzler.

  • A Podcast On Self-Taught, SEO Speaker, And Strategist Extraordinaire With Shelly Fagin And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    038: Self-Taught, SEO Speaker, and Strategist Extraordinaire, Shelly Fagin

    Shelly Fagin has been in the digital world since she was a young girl playing on her green screen Apple IIGS. After figuring out how to connect to the internet, it was all gas, no breaks to agency work, over 12 years of consulting, SEMRush speaking, and managing a team at CreditKarma, to now being the Director of SEO at DigitalOcean. Listen to this episode to learn how her mentors helped teach her confidence, and her curiosity helped her teach herself the skills.

  • A Podcast On Seminary To Selling Ad Space To Solving Problems And Sharing Her Creativity At The Jewish Content Network With Chayale Kaufman And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    037: Seminary to Selling Ad Space to Solving Problems and Sharing Her Creativity at the Jewish Content Network with Chayale

    Chayale Kaufman started her career in sales, as many entrepreneurs do. Her intuition, hard work, and dedication led her to found two businesses and integrate the world of print and digital advertising amidst the Jewish business community. In this episode, we hear all about the devotion and challenges that brought her to her current position as founder of The Jewish Content Network.

  • A Podcast On Chaos To Coordination To COO – Building Digital Dream Teams In Remote Marketing Agencies With Leah Leaves And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    036: Chaos to Coordination to COO – Building Digital Dream Teams in Remote Marketing Agencies with Leah Leaves (Office Hours)

    In this special Office Hours episode, Optidge’s own COO and resident expert in all things operations shares her three secrets to building high-performing teams in remote digital marketing agencies. From removing the stigma that surrounds independent contractors to extinguishing the fear of standardization (SOPs are a good thing!), Leah shares how to not only have cohesive remote teams rowing in the same direction, but create a culture of drive, efficiency, and top-notch client service. Whether you’re an agency owner or a team member looking to enhance your agency’s performance, this episode is packed with practical strategies and guidance to help your teams feel supported and successful.

  • A Podcast On Pirouetting Her Way To Tech Founder With Mentorly’s Ashley Werhun And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    035: Pirouetting Her Way to Tech Founder with Mentorly’s Ashley Werhun

    Ashley Werhun is the co-founder of Mentorly. Her first career was as a professional dancer. Today, we discuss how she learned how important mentorship was through her performing career and how she used those lessons to build Mentorly. We also discuss some of the most important traits a mentor should have and more!

  • A Podcast On Authenticity, Autonomy, And AI In Social Media And Marketing With Adele Beiny And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    034: Authenticity, Autonomy, and AI in Social Media and Marketing with Adele Beiny

    Adele Beiny is the founder and CEO of Life’s Looking Good, a lifestyle blog and social media presence, as well as a marketing consultancy. She wants to help people design and curate a life they love and brands they love to be. She’s traveled across the country through many tough industries and different occupations to find herself here today. We talk about being your authentic self on social media and how mentorship can look different to different people.

  • A Podcast On College, Challenges, Careers, And Coaching With Shaina Keren And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    033: College, Challenges, Careers, and Coaching with Shaina Keren

    Shaina Keren discovered her path in life, and it has led her to become a career coach. She’s a master at drawing out the best in people and discovering how to shape those skills into their career of choice. Her first decade of working life was spent in education, so she’s experienced changing directions at unexpected times. Listen in to learn more about her tips for personal discovery and resume fixes.

  • A Podcast On Chatgpt Did NOT Write This Title – The Best Of AI And Chatgpt With The Digital Marketing Mentor, Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    032: ChatGPT Did NOT Write This Title – The Best of AI and ChatGPT with The Digital Marketing Mentor

    In this special episode of The Digital Marketing Mentor, we look back at the many conversations we’ve had with our guests around the topic of ChatGPT and AI. We discuss the teaching of it to students (and our own kids). We talk about the ethical and moral uses and limitations of such a tool. We also talk about why many of us believe this will not be taking any of our jobs any time soon.

  • A Podcast On The Curtain Rises On Powerful Email Marketing With Emily Ryan And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    031: The Curtain Rises on Powerful Email Marketing with Emily Ryan

    Broadway? More like broadband! Emily Ryan is THE Mailchimp influencer. After moving past the dream of being big on Broadway, she became an executive assistant. When having a baby led to a dread of returning to office work, she struck out on her own and made herself the champion of Mailchimp Email Marketing. Learn more about her journey and how she mentors new mothers wanting to work from home in today’s episode!

  • A Podcast On Breaking Down Biases, Boundaries, And Being Self-Confident With Maddie Deane And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    030: Breaking Down Biases, Boundaries, and Being Self-Confident w/ Maddie Deane (Office Hours)

    Today’s Office Hours episode focuses on the many ways stereotypes and unconscious biases can make their way into the workplace. Maddie Deane is a young woman in the digital marketing space, and she discusses her experiences with certain behaviors that seem to question her expertise based on her gender or perceived age. She also gives some great tips on how to counter some of those questions and how to show up better for your coworkers, employees, mentees, and more!

  • A Podcast On Communications, Communes, Colorado, And Coaches With John Doherty And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    029: Communications, Communes, Colorado, and Coaches with John Doherty

    John Doherty is the founder of Credo, an agency broker, and EditorNinja, a subscription-based professional editing services firm. He has traveled extensively and has currently found home in Colorado with his wife and daughter. In today’s episode, he discusses tiered business relationships, mentorship, entrepreneurship, editing, and sales tactics.

  • A Podcast On Ready, Set, Storytelling With The Marketing Quarterback With Henry Adaso And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    028: Ready, Set, Storytelling with The Marketing Quarterback – Henry Adaso

    Henry Adaso is The Marketing Quarterback. In this episode, we discuss what a mentor is and why Henry didn’t have the broadest access to mentors when he was younger. We also discuss how storytelling and teamwork are the key pillars of marketing success in the digital marketing world. 

  • A Podcast On Putting The People And Personality In Professoring And Publishing Marketing Content With William (Bill) Zahn And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    027: Putting the People and Personality in Professoring and Publishing Marketing Content

    William (Bill) Zahn is a clinical professor at the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business. He started teaching there five years after finishing his Ph.D. at the same institute. His former professors and department heads have mentored him, and he now mentors his students in the ways of storytelling in marketing and how writing will always need the human element.

  • A Podcast On Sitemaps, Search Console, And SEO Content Quality – A Case Study On What Makes Successful SEO With Mandy Politi And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    026: Sitemaps, Search Console, and SEO Content Quality – A Case Study on What Makes Successful SEO (Office Hours)

    Get ready to dive deep into a case study with a real Optidge client. Their website had more than 12,000 pages, but they were getting little organic traffic. That, coupled with a “Couldn’t Fetch” error for the sitemaps in Google Search Console, is what led Optidge down the rabbit hole that is “low-quality content” in SEO.

  • A Podcast On How Do You Give Good AF Marketing, Mentoring, And Music Advice? It Depends. With Amalia Fowler And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    025: How Do You Give Good AF Marketing, Mentoring, and Music Advice? It Depends. With Amalia Fowler

    Amalia learned through her education that there is no one path to success. For her, it started with a degree in psychology. It went on to include managing Google Ads, being a marketing director, and now, being a professor at her alma mater and running her own consulting agency. In this episode, we talk about public speaking, management strategies, professorship, AI, and Taylor Swift. We’re SURE you’ll find some sparkle in this episode!

  • A Podcast On Talking Touchdowns, Two-Pointers, And Triple Plays With Adam Clanton And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    024: Talking Touchdowns, Two-Pointers, and Triple Plays with Adam Clanton

    It all started with a box for a Houston Rockets sweepstakes for kids at an Olive Garden. Be sure to listen to this episode to hear about Adam Clanton’s love for all things Houston Sports and how he got into sports talk radio. You’ll also learn plenty about how the internet and social media have changed sports media in big ways over the years.

  • A Podcast On Marveling At Client Account Management From Mexico City With Nayeli Cano And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    023: Marveling at Client Account Management from Mexico City with Nayeli Cano (Office Hours)

    Nayeli Cano is a client account manager at Optidge. Listen to today’s episode to learn all about her path to becoming an account manager and the power of organization, time management, and communication skills in this role.

  • A Podcast On Hard Work In SEO Opened Doors To Open Houses With Fay Friedman And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    022: Hard Work in SEO Opened Doors to Open Houses with Fay Friedman

    Starting her career as an SEO copywriter in the wild west days of internet marketing, Fay Friedman has worked diligently and now finds herself as the CMO at a commercial real estate firm bringing the rental world into the modern marketing era. In this episode, you’ll learn how a university degree isn’t the only path into marketing, how self-motivation, learning, and teamwork are keys to success, and how SEO in e-commerce influences the world of apartment rentals. 

  • A Podcast On Hitting A Home Run In Niche Digital Advertising With Yehuda Cagen And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    021: Hitting a Home Run in Niche Digital Advertising with Yehuda Cagen.

    From playing games and performing commercials about items in the pantry, to his family, to being Senior Marketing Director at Ostendio, Yehuda has always loved advertising and marketing. Learn how he’s learned to always look for the light, find the lighthouse brand offering, and listen to customers' genuine concerns in this episode of The Digital Marketing Mentor.

  • A Podcast On Follow Your Gut To Find Delight In Client Account Management With Taylor Mcmaster And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    020: Follow Your Gut to Find Delight in Client Account Management with Taylor McMaster

    If you’ve ever wanted to know what it takes to be a brilliant account manager, this is the episode for you. Taylor McMaster owns and runs DOT & Company, a digital marketing agency turned client account management agency. With her, we discuss the power of experiential learning, mentorship from many individuals, and how to truly delight your clients. 

  • A Podcast On Teaching Gen Z And Millennials How To Fly High As Young Professionals With Jamie Belinne And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    019: Teaching Gen Z and Millennials How to Fly High as Young Professionals with Jamie Belinne

    After more than 30 years in career services and recruiting, Jamie Belinne finds herself with a wealth of knowledge on how the different generations work, a book helping managers navigate those differences, and many awards and accolades acknowledging her expertise. We discuss how to mentor students and young professionals, why Gen Z is not a generation of narcissists, and why diversity isn’t the norm but will be someday, thanks to the younger generations.

  • A Podcast On The ABC’s Of Mentoring And SEO Marketing: Always Be Creative With Batli Joselevitz And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    018: The ABC’s of Mentoring and SEO Marketing: Always Be Creative with Batli Joselevitz

    Creative Director, SEO lover, photography enthusiast, and creative wanderer, Batli, is here to discuss how her journey through a journalism degree in college and living on both coasts of the United States led her to the technical SEO realm. Through joining university organizations, mentoring younger students, and learning about internet marketing, Batli’s creativity has always been a driving force. Her focus on the leadership traits of her chosen mentors has helped her learn about how she thrives at being a student of life. We promise you’ll learn plenty from her story on The Digital Marketing Mentor.

  • A Podcast On A Tale Of Two Languages, Two Master’s Degrees, And Two Homes With Aurora Losada And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    017: A Tale of Two Languages, Two Master’s Degrees, and Two Homes with Aurora Losada

    Aurora Losada came to Houston, by way of Columbia University in New York, from Madrid, Spain. She worked many years in journalism and is now Microsoft’s Global Communications Manager for Latin America. With the guidance and support from some fantastic mentors along the way, Aurora has learned much about how to lead and utilize tools like generative AI and ChatGPT. In this episode, you’ll learn so much about how mentorship can drive a brilliant, hard worker like Aurora.

  • A Podcast On Investing In Startups And Mentoring With Daniel Cotlar And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    016: Investing in Startups and Mentoring with Daniel Cotlar

    Daniel Cotlar learned early on that he enjoyed the creative, risky, high-energy startup world, and after learning much over his years working at them, now invests and mentors startups. He is passionate about helping others and learning from them. In this episode, he discusses his steps to a successful startup business and mentoring relationships, and some of the stumbling blocks he’s found along the way.

  • A Podcast On Finding A Match In Technical SEO With Chris Long And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    015: Finding a Match in Technical SEO with Chris Long

    Chris Long is the VP of Marketing at Go Fish Digital and has found himself there through a curvy road that began in finance in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He’s learned a lot about key traits in a mentor, content strategy, and technical SEO along the way. Be sure to listen to this episode to hear how he customizes his strategy in all things, mentorship, technical SEO, and more!

  • A Podcast On Founding Startups, Fractional Cmos, And Facing Chatgpt With Mosheh Poltorak And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    014: Founding Startups, Fractional CMOs, and Facing ChatGPT with Mosheh Poltorak

    Mosheh has done marketing for many startup businesses over the years and has learned a lot from those experiences. He now runs a fractional CMO firm (don’t worry, we define what that means) and is pushing the use of ChatGPT and AI as powerful tools in the marketing world. In this episode, he also tells us his key tactic for a successful mentor relationship.

  • A Podcast On Paid Search Lead Quality: PPC, UTM, CRM, And More With Brianna Deboever And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    013: Paid Search Lead Quality: PPC, UTM, CRM, and More with Brianna Deboever (Office Hours)

    Brianna Deboever discusses how marketing can be a great blending of worlds when it comes to being creatively and analytically minded. She and Danny chat about how important it is to track, understand, organize, and share lead quality rather than just quantity when optimizing paid campaigns. Finally, they review how CRMs and UTMs come in very handy to do just those things to bring about a successful, high-quality lead-generating campaign.

  • A Podcast On Bringing Out The Sparkle And Shine In Others And In Diamonds With Brian Gavin And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    012: Bringing Out the Sparkle and Shine in Others and in Diamonds with Brian Gavin

    Brian Gavin is a mentor, renowned jeweler, innovative businessman, and father to The Digital Marketing Mentor. In this episode, you’ll hear about how he grew up in South Africa, took the leap to America with his family and started selling diamonds online, in a time when that was practically unheard of. Be sure to listen in to learn his tips for mentorship and marketing for truly drawing out the sparkle within.

  • A Podcast On The Transition From Agency Owner To Next Generation Leader – A Journey Of Mentorship With Allie Danziger And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    011: The Transition from Agency Owner to Next Generation Leader – A Journey of Mentorship with Allie Danziger

    Allie Danziger joins Danny on the Digital Marketing Mentor to discuss her many mentors, such as her parents, her first boss, and some of her many employees. She also discusses how she transitioned from running one of the state’s most successful digital agencies to training and teaching young professionals the tricks to being effective in the workplace. Be sure to listen in to hear her fantastic book recommendations as well!

  • A Podcast On Music, Mentorship, And Making Content With Glenn Taylor And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    010: Music, Mentorship, and Making Content with Glenn Taylor of Skybound Coaching

    Dive into the world of music and professional coaching with Glenn Taylor. Learn how he went from being CMO of the Houston Symphony to coaching individuals and teams on how to be great leaders and foster a culture of feedback. You’ll also hear how impactful and fun organic content creation has been for Glenn and Skybound Coaching, not to mention the many mentors that guided Glenn on his journey.

  • A Podcast On Mandela’s ’94 Presidential Campaign, Smart TV’s, And BMW – A Top Creative Director’s Journey With Louis Gavin And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    009: Mandela’s ’94 Presidential Campaign, Smart TV’s, and BMW – A Top Creative Director’s Journey with Louis Gavin

    Louis Gavin has cultivated a respect for creativity and unique approaches to advertising over his illustrious career. Hear how he was an essential element of Nelson Mandela’s presidential campaign in 1994, worked through the transition to digital advertising in the auto industry, and his thoughts on the best way to be a creative director, leader, and mentor on this episode of The Digital Marketing Mentor.

  • A Podcast On Barbershop Quartets, Blinds.Com, And Being True To Your Core Values With Jay Steinfeld And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    008: Barbershop Quartets,, and Being True to Your Core Values with Jay Steinfeld

    Jay Steinfeld launched, an e-commerce store, in 1996, eventually selling it to Home Depot in 2014. This bold but measured decision would characterize many of his subsequent career decisions. Listen in to hear Jay discuss how he is always learning, being mentored, and mentoring others, every day of his life - and how you should too!

  • A Podcast On Rebounds In Basketball And Business With Marketing Refresh’s With Terri Hoffman And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    007: Rebounds in Basketball and Business with Marketing Refresh’s Terri Hoffman

    Terri Hoffman is the CEO of Marketing Refresh, a digital agency that specializes in the construction and industrial industries. Follow along and learn about the many ways basketball, leadership, construction, and data audits have all come together to bring Terri through her career in digital marketing today!

  • A Podcast On Mentorship, Media Buying, And Motivation With Cory Henke And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    006: Mentorship, Media Buying, and Motivation with Cory Henke

    Cory Henke’s path to his current stop, leading his media buying and analytics agency, is anything but a straight line. From convincing his college basketball coach to let him walk on as a novice to being taken into investor meetings by his last boss and CEO, Cory’s learned a lot of things by being unafraid to ask questions, take risks, and be the best at whatever role is needed, especially if that role is ‘Dad.’

  • A Podcast On Applying Linguistics To SEO Content Strategy With Mandy Politi And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    005: Applying Linguistics to SEO Content Strategy with Mandy Politi (Office Hours)

    We discuss the purpose, benefits, and process of a solid SEO content writing strategy with Mandy Politi, a Senior SEO Strategist at Optidge. Her career journey began as a child in the Greek education system with a strong focus on written content, continued with a degree in linguistics, and has led to a passionate approach to creating ever-evolving content briefs for writers and valuable content for consumers. Get ready for SEO Content Writing 101 in this episode of the Digital Marketing Mentor.

  • A Podcast On Testing New Strategies And Adjusting In Life And Paid Social With Akvile Defazio And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    004: Testing New Strategies and Adjusting in Life and Paid Social with Akvile DeFazio

    Having immigrated to Toronto from Lithuania as a young child and moved multiple times, Akvile is no stranger to adjusting to new situations. She’s taken those life experiences and the skills she learned from her many mentors over her career and turned them into numerous awards and a thriving social media marketing agency. Learn about the path that got her there and how she was gifted a client list to start her agency journey.

  • A Podcast On A Growth Mindset For Marketing, Mentorship, Structured Data In SEO With Martha Van Berkel And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    003: A Growth Mindset for Marketing, Mentorship, Structured Data in SEO with Martha Van Berkel

    Martha Van Berkel has never backed down from a challenge and wouldn’t know how to hit the brakes on a hairpin turn on a go-kart track. She is always wanting to move faster, solve clients’ problems better, add more value, and think bigger. This is why she created Schema App. Learn more about structured data and how her mentors helped guide her there as we dive deep into being open to feedback and opportunities with Martha.

  • A Podcast On Manually Automated – Optimizing Bidding In Paid Search Campaigns With Rachael Howle And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    002: Manually Automated – Optimizing Bidding in Paid Search Campaigns with Rachael Howle (Office Hours)

    Learn the differences between manual and automated bidding in paid search campaigns as we discuss the different strategies to use to optimize your ad spend. Rachael Howle is the Head of Paid Search at Optidge and shares her knowledge and experience with Google Ads.

  • A Podcast On Speaking, Sparking Connections, Star Wars, And (Google) Shopping – Kirk Williams And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

    001: Speaking, Sparking Connections, Star Wars, and (Google) Shopping – Kirk Williams Talks Mentorship and Marketing

    Kirk Williams, Founder and CEO of ZATO Marketing, discusses the benefits of dedicating yourself to learning, sharing your knowledge wisdom, Performance Max, and the Future of Google Shopping.

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