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Whether you’re looking for SEO, Google Ads, or paid social media advertising, we help established brands get the highest ROI from digital marketing so you can grow, scale, and conquer the world. We view each of our clients as a partner and care about the endgame. That’s why we won’t only deliver leads or rankings – we focus on your whole sales funnel to increase conversions.

Our Services

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How We Roll

(aka our values)

Have Autonomy & Earn Responsibility

We give our team members independence from the get-go. Our team is motivated, proactive and driven to excel.

Embrace Growth Opportunities at Every Turn

We’re lifelong learners, embracing every chance we can to grow. By striving to learn from each other, our challenges and our successes, we continue to develop personally and professionally.

Driven to Succeed While Supporting Each Other

We’re a tight-knit team that knows that the best results are not produced by individuals but happen when we support each other.

Build Relationships by Showing Respect and Care

When we work together, we’re your partners, not your superiors. We tell you the truth about the performance you can expect, admit to the mistakes we’ve made (and fixed) and offer our unbiased recommendations.

Be Creative & Think Strategically

We don’t settle for average. We’re constantly thinking about how to improve, innovate and optimize our results.

Our Story

Danny Gavin: Founder + Chief Strategist

In the prehistoric era of digital marketing (ICQ, Yahoo and dial-up anyone?) 20-something Danny Gavin began tinkering with digital marketing. Self-taught, eternally curious, and fiercely tenacious, his digital marketing chops were instrumental in helping Brian Gavin Diamonds join the INC 5000. In 2010, he founded Optidge to provide a boutique digital marketing service that takes a genuine interest in its clients’ long-term success. Since then, Optidge has sprouted into a booming agency with a golden reputation.

And Danny? He’s still changing the world. By day, he’s leading Optidge with his trademark humility and data-driven creativity. By night, he’s an adjunct professor at the University of Houston’s C.T. Bauer College. As one of the college’s most popular educators, he teaches MBA students and executives the foundations of digital marketing (he’s so passionate about the subject that many of his students change career paths to move into digital marketing). He’s also the founder of ODEO Academy: the only online, practical graduate-level course that teaches the fundamentals of digital marketing in 15 weeks. No, he never sleeps. When he’s not working? He’s a husband and dad to 5 adorable kids.

Meet The Team

Right-brain creativity meets left-brain genius

Our tribe of insatiably curious, intensely passionate + embarrassingly smart individuals.

All working together towards one goal: your success.

Danny Gavin

Founder + Chief Strategist

Leah Leaves

Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Wolf

Head of Paid Social

Brianna Deboever

Head of Paid Search

Rachael Howle

Senior Paid Search Strategist

Anwar Basha

Analytics Team Lead

Nayeli Cano

Senior Client Account Manager

Govind Kumar Bhatt

SEO Team Lead

Mandy Politi

Senior SEO Strategist

Grace Glass

Senior Paid Social Specialist

Juanita Patino

Paid Social Coordinator

Ethan Sherman

Ethan Sherman

Paid Search Coordinator

Bea Porter

Social Media Manager

Anupama Rajan

SEO Analyst

Marie Heilborn

Paid Social Analyst

Alejandro Torres

Paid Search Analyst

Lady Chaparro

Graphic Designer

Carli Liles

Executive & Sales Assistant

Jaymor Maglaqui

Team Assistant

Tracy Murray

Sales & Marketing Manager

Maddie Ernzen

Internal Marketing Coordinator

Lance Bailey

Paid Search Strategist

Sara Rokowsky

Client Account Manager

The results were startling! The Optidge team brought significantly more traffic to my website through their SEO and they were a pleasure to work with. The experience was positive and pleasant from the initial meeting to project completion.

“Startling results!”Michelle Halle,LCSW Ocean Therapy Partners

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Are we the right agency for you?

Whether you’re a growing business wanting to scale or a mature company looking to develop digital marketing strategies, we can help.

Whether you’re a solid, family-owned business ready to dive into digital marketing or a shiny start-up wanting to rapidly scale, we can help.

What matters is:

  • You’ve got an established business. Established doesn’t mean you’ve been around for 75 years. It means you’ve got proven sales, existing clients, and a compelling offer. Now, you want to take full advantage of the online opportunities so you can grow.
  • You’re willing to collaborate with us. Believe it or not, we’re not mind readers. We set up communication channels at a frequency that suits you, but we can’t deliver the results if you expect us to fly solo.
  • You’re able to trust us. We love – and need – your feedback and ideas. But when it comes to the nitty-gritty day-to-day operations, you’re in the best hands. We’ve got 73 years’ collective digital marketing experience between us. And, you won’t find a team that cares more – or does more – to help you reach your goals.
  • You’re looking for a long-term partner. We get seriously invested in our clients. We’re constantly thinking of how to add value across the sales cycle while implementing strategies that will further your goals.

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