Constructing Success: Transforming the Digital Landscape for Highlands Construction

How Optidge’s Innovative Digital Marketing Strategy Propelled a Commercial Construction and Development Company to New Heights


Highlands Construction is a reputable commercial general contractor company that also deals with real estate investment and property maintenance. Shaz, the owner, needed a way to drive quality leads and grow his business. Initially, he was skeptical about the power of Google Ads for his industry, where referrals and traditional means of finding services are common. However, he decided to give it a try and partnered with Optidge for digital marketing services.

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Transitioning from relying heavily on referrals and traditional marketing to leveraging Google Ads for a commercial general contractor was a unique challenge. Shaz was unsure if the typical commercial customers would use Google to find general contractors in the Houston area. Furthermore, he was concerned about the cost of the campaign and wasn’t expecting significant results.

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  • Optidge convinced Shaz to invest in Google Ads despite his skepticism. We designed campaigns targeting potential leads who might be searching for construction services or property maintenance in the local area. Our team also provided SEO services and web design to optimize Highlands’ online presence. As part of our approach, we held regular communication with Highlands through monthly meetings and weekly updates to ensure our strategies were aligning with their needs and expectations.


The results far exceeded Shaz’s expectations. Instead of just a few leads a month, Highlands started receiving multiple leads a day from the Google Ads campaign. Over time, the campaign has become more effective as Optidge’s team refined it based on analytics and search terms, thus continuously improving its performance.

In addition to the significant increase in leads, the company experienced a fivefold increase in revenue from the previous year. This year, they’re projecting to multiply their revenue by two and a half times.

Client’s Feedback

Shaz appreciated the efficiency, no-nonsense communication, and excellent customer service that Optidge provided. He found that Optidge’s company culture closely aligned with Highlands’, which is based on a laid-back yet get-it-done atmosphere.

  • Shaz stated: “Your people are really easy to work with, great communication. Very efficient. There’s no B.S. You just ask, ‘What do you need? Okay, this is what we can do for you. Do you want to do it? Okay? Let’s go.’ It’s quick and easy.”
  • Through Optidge’s successful Google Ads campaign and our focus on strong communication and customer service, we have helped Highlands Construction and Maintenance vastly exceed their growth and revenue expectations. This partnership has showcased the power of digital marketing in industries that traditionally rely on referrals and word-of-mouth.