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How Houston Public Media Increased Facebook Engagement & Online Donations with Optidge

Optidge increased Houston Public Media’s audience on Facebook all the while strengthening online community engagement and racking up an influx of donations in a multi-stage campaign all less than a year.


Digital Ad Development & Strategy

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About Houston Public Media

As Houston’s NPR (News 88.7) and PBS (PBS TV 8) Affiliates, Houston Public Media (HPM) has been a staple in the lives of Houstonians and people of the Greater Houston area for over 60 years. Focused on delivering high quality local, regional and national content in the areas of news and information, arts and culture, and education, HPM utilizes its broadcast and online outlets to provide audiences with unprecedented access to the content that is meaningful to them – on air, online, at home and everywhere they go. 

The Opportunity + Challenge

Building on their legacy of creating content for the people and being supported by the people, HPM realized that to remain a mainstay in people’s lives as a leading media outlet in the region they needed to meet their audience where they are consuming media today – online.

In 2016 HPM, developed a three-year strategic initiative to provide a pathway to the future as audiences move more towards online and social media for their news and media consumption that would embrace social media.  HPM partnered with Optidge to develop and implement a strategy that would accomplish the following goals: 

  • Grow HPM’s audience
  • Increase engagement
  • Most importantly, increase financial donations to continue the development of content 

The Work

Optidge developed a multi-stage Facebook funnel campaign that qualified users and encouraged action. Each stage had the following purpose to leverage Facebook and implement strategies to support both digital and broadcast integrations for HPM: 

Stage 1: Grow Reach & Acquire High-Quality Content Candidates

Stage 2: Create Relationships & Increase Community Engagement around Trusted Content.

Stage 3: Increase Donations Online

The Impact

We were able to grow HPM’s audience by reaching hundreds of thousands of Facebook users.  Overall, the three stages listed above accomplished to:

More than double the total reach of HPM’s Facebook page:

  • Organic Reach: +19%  
  • Paid Reach: +4,441%
  • Total Reach (organic + paid): +178% 

Increase traffic to HPM’s site from Facebook:

  • User Visits: + 69.6% 
  • New User Visits: + 70.2% 
  • Returning Users Visits: + 102.7% 
A Meta Ads For Houston Public Media By Optidge
A Meta Ads For Houston Public Media By Optidge
A Meta Ads For Houston Public Media By Optidge

Create Relationships and Increase Engagement on HPM’s Facebook Page:

  • Total Reactions: + 239% 
  • Total Shares: + 107% 
  • Total Comments: + 256% 
  • Total Engagements: + 105% 

Increase Financial Strength and Donations 

  • Donation Ads generated ROAS of 5.86x 
  • Stages 1, 2 and 3 from the Facebook funnel campaign generated ROAS of 1.15x
A Meta Ads For Houston Public Media By Optidge
A Meta Ads For Houston Public Media By Optidge
A Meta Ads For Houston Public Media By Optidge

Note: Campaign data reflects 3/24/18 to 12/31/18.