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Momma Strong & Optidge Case Study

How MommaStrong increased subscribers & gift-card sales

Optidge increased MommaStrong’s sign-ups and gift-card sales while saving over 30% on the cost of sign ups by strategically delivering relevant and relatable copy to specific target markets in order to optimize MommaStrong’s Facebook and Instagram campaign(s).


Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaign
Strategy & Copywriting

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About MommaStrong

MommaStrong is made up of 3 programs that specifically address where moms are in motherhood: Momma-To-Be, New Momma and Momma. Members get access to 15-minute workouts, “Recovery Planning”, “Fix Me” Sessions, including access to a closed MommaStrong Facebook group that is full of supportive women building each other up and helping each other out every day.

MommaStrong focuses on “showing up” every day and “winning ugly”, fully embracing that everyone has unique needs every day throughout motherhood.  Unlike most online workout programs that use before and after pictures as signs of success, MommaStrong’s proof is in the thousands of testimonies about how lives have been changed for the better.

A Woman Doing a Push-up With Kids

The Opportunity + Challenge

MommaStrong wanted to run a campaign to increase sign-ups to their programs. In order to increase MommaStrong membership, the message delivered to the target audiences of moms needed to be real and relatable to stop moms in their tracks – then communicate that this program allows them to prioritize themselves in an attainable way.

Ad copy created for Facebook advertising needed to reflect the great personality and realness of the program, all while…

#3 Resonating with moms in a relatable way

#2 Differentiating from trendy online workout programs that focus on outward appearance instead of sustainable change from the inside out

And ultimately….

#1 Increasing membership! (Therefore, increasing the number of moms who gain strength, heal and are able to perform better overall (in MommaStrong language: “Show Up”) in their day to day lives.)

The Work

MommaStrong’s message needed to be crafted in a way that aligned with the programs and with moms in order to build a successful Facebook and Instagram campaign strategy:

Overall campaign strategy on Facebook and Instagram was 2-fold:

1. Introduce qualified women to MommaStrong via prospecting campaigns that delivered highly relevant ads that introduced the program and encouraging sign up.

A Woman and a Child Doing Yoga Together

2. Retarget women who were made aware of MommaStrong through the prospecting campaign and did not sign up. In an effort to connect with as many women as possible, two actions were encouraged:

  • Sign Ups
  • Gift Card sales
A Campaign Run by Optidge for Momma Strong With an Image of a Woman Standing Next to Another Woman in a Blue Top

The Impact

Overall, the campaign received hundreds of sign-ups at a cost 30% lower than expected!

Given this success, MommaStrong advertising has continued through 2019. “I’ve worked with a bunch of people in the last few years in your industry and no one has done what you have already done. You and your team are magic!” –Courtney Wyckoff, Founder – MommaStrong