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Navigating a Complex Website Migration: The Success Story of Ranger Guard & Investigations and Optidge

Exploring how Optidge successfully transitioned Ranger Guard & Investigations to a nationally oriented domain, boosting organic traffic and revenue significantly

The Challenge

Ranger Guard & Investigations, a respected security company based in Houston, was setting its sights on becoming a national franchise. The main obstacle was their existing website, which was heavily Texas-centric and optimized for local traffic. The objective was to transition seamlessly to a new nationally oriented domain,, without affecting their hard-earned traffic and rankings. Additionally, the task required auditing over 3,000 webpages to remove local references while preserving the associated traffic.

A Laptop and Various Icons Related to Website Traffic
A Laptop and Various Icons Related to Website Traffic

The Objective

  • The main goal was to successfully migrate to the new national domain and increase the organic traffic by 15% year-over-year, while growing the revenue from organic traffic by 25%.

Our Solution:

To navigate the multifaceted challenges presented by this project, Optidge employed a two-pronged strategy:

1. Local Keyword Audit

 A meticulous local keyword audit was conducted on 900 pages, accounting for approximately 95% of the website’s traffic. This involved adjusting content with localized terms like ‘Texas,’ ‘Houston,’ and ‘Austin,’ preserving local terminology on high-traffic pages to prevent traffic loss and including references to the national brand to support Ranger Guard’s new business model.

2. Domain Transfer

Optidge planned and executed a smooth domain transfer. They devised a redirect map for all existing URLs to ensure accurate redirection during migration. Post-migration, Optidge performed a thorough backend check, updated tracking codes, and set up a new Google Analytics profile for the fresh domain to monitor keyword performance.

The results

The careful planning and execution paid off, with impressive outcomes:

  • The website was successfully transitioned to reflect Ranger Guard & Investigations’ national franchise model.
  • Organic traffic saw a boost of 25% year-over-year, surpassing the initial target of 15%.
  • Revenue from organic traffic soared by a stunning 58% over the previous year, far exceeding the goal of 25%.

The Conclusion

Optidge’s effective SEO and migration strategies enabled Ranger Guard & Investigations to position itself as a national security firm. They not only successfully transitioned to a new national domain but also significantly improved organic traffic and revenue, exceeding their performance targets. This case study showcases the power of strategic SEO and the expertise of Optidge in handling complex domain migrations while delivering impressive results. Finally, this campaign became a finalist for the AMA of Houston’s Crystal Awards for the category of “Best SEO Campign in 2023.”