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Spotlight on Success: Optimizing Growth for the Telly Awards with a Profit-Driven Meta Advertising Campaign

Taking the stage with a meticulously planned and executed digital marketing strategy to boost award entries and secure remarkable revenues


The Telly Awards, a renowned entity in the field of television and digital media, recognized a pressing challenge. Despite being a celebrated platform for honoring creativity in video and television commercials, the awards program was encountering difficulties in boosting the number of entries submitted YoY, while also maintaining a profitable return on ad spend (ROAS).

Optidge was chosen as their strategic partner to tackle these challenges head-on. With an 8-week window for the Early Entry Period from Oct-Dec 2022, we embarked on a journey to elevate the Telly Awards’ standing, attract more creative talent, and achieve these goals profitably.

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Our collaboration with the Telly Awards aimed at two key objectives:

  • To stimulate a growth of 4% in Award Entries during the 8-week Early Entry Deadline Period.
  • To accomplish this growth profitably, aiming for an ROAS of 18x.

Our Approach

Optidge designed a strategic Meta Advertising campaign with two integral components: Prospecting and Retargeting.

Prospecting Strategy

We initiated the process by allocating a larger budget to Prospecting to attract new audiences. Our targeting strategy involved interest-based audiences and lookalike audiences. With an optimization goal of “Completing Step 1,” we aimed to introduce users to the awards and prompt them to begin their entry.

Retargeting Strategy

As we moved closer to the deadline, we shifted our focus and budget towards Retargeting. Our aim here was to capitalize on the initial engagement and persuade these potential entrants to finalize their submissions. We optimized for “Purchases” to leverage the higher volume of entries expected during this phase.

Messaging Strategy

Our messaging played a crucial role in engaging and motivating the audience. We positioned the Telly Awards as a premier leader in the industry and created a sense of urgency around the Early Entry deadline.


Our rigorous and carefully crafted campaign yielded impressive results. The Early Entry Deadline Period saw a phenomenal 28.2% YoY growth in entries, exceeding the original growth goal by an impressive 705%.

Moreover, we managed to achieve this growth while generating outstanding revenue and reaching an impressive 20-times ROAS, surpassing the ROAS goal by 111%.


Through meticulous campaign design, strategic budgeting, and rigorous testing and scaling strategy, Optidge demonstrated the power of a well-executed Meta Advertising campaign. The success of the Telly Awards campaign underscores our commitment to driving growth and profitability for our clients, showcasing Optidge’s prowess in the realm of digital marketing. This campaign successfully bagged the 2023 AMA Crystal Award for “Best Paid Social Campaign” which happens to be the 3rd year in a row Optidge has won in this category.