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Why You Need Content Marketing

The landscape of marketing has changed in recent years. Simply pushing out ads on billboards and in publications isn’t enough for most businesses. The users have changed. They want MORE for their purchase. That’s where content marketing comes in. Content marketing is exactly what it sounds like. It is the creation of content for your brand to help grow your customer base. Ultimately this content should get users to purchase something from you.

Valuable, Relevant, & Consistent

The content needs to be valuable, relevant, and interesting to your audience. Further, it must be produced and shared *consistently*. This is where most companies can’t keep up. Running your business is like spinning plates. You already have countless other marketing efforts like an email marketing campaign, social advertising, tv and radio spots; the list goes on. To expect your team to research, write (and write well), and share new content on a weekly basis is, usually, setting yourself up for disappointment. There are too many other things that feel more urgent. So, you miss a week of posting. Then you miss two weeks. Then you look at your blog on your company website and realize you haven’t posted since St. Patrick’s Day… 2015. Yikes.

Additionally, you can’t discount the value of social content. Without fresh, user-centric content, what do you have to share on social media? Even B2B companies need a social presence today. Not every social platform will make sense for your brand. However, whatever platform you’re present on, you must also be active on. Without activity, social media presence can be counter-effective. It should promote trust in your company, not seem like a content graveyard.

Use Your Customers’ Jargon

In addition to finding the time and resources to produce the content, they may not know what the customers are looking for. Posts typically fall into two main categories: current topics and cornerstone content. Current topics are posts that have a tie to something being discussed RIGHT NOW. It could be something relating to current political events, a holiday related post, or a new development in your industry. Cornerstone content is information that any potential customer could benefit from knowing. These pieces are usually related to topics you’d find on your FAQs.

To write on those two spectrums isn’t always easy. Further, just because you CAN write about a topic, it doesn’t mean you’re using the right words. At times the terms your customers use to discuss your topics are not the same as those within the industry. This is where an experienced internet marketing firm comes in. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to become your content marketing division.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our dream is to create amazing content for your website consistently and for that content to bring in potential customers who eventually become current customers. We will work with you and your teammates to understand your business. Then, we’ll take that insight and pair it with our experience in internet marketing to create content. Finally, you get to review, edit, and approve of any content before it gets shared for your website. It’s all a collaborative effort and that means communication is paramount.

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