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How Optidge Got an 11.2x ROAS and Exceeded’s ROAS Goal by 374% Using Facebook and Instagram Ads


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About American Medical ID

Based in Houston, Texas, American Medical ID (AM ID) has been in the business of saving lives for over 25 years. Founded in 1994, the 100% employee-owned company sells a wide variety of stylish and high-quality, custom- engraved medical ID jewelry that can be worn with confidence by people with chronic illnesses to inform medical professionals in emergencies. Medical ID bracelets, necklaces, and medallions range in prices from $10 to $600 and are available in several different high-grade metals such as solid Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, 10Kt, 14Kt Gold, and Titanium.

The American Medical Id Marketing Campaign Status

The Opportunity + Challenge

Prior to working with Optidge, the majority of AM ID’s sales came from in-store medical ID displays, organic searches, search ads, and organic social media. Though they had run a modest Facebook ad campaign, containing mostly retargeting, in the three months prior to Optidge taking over, they’d never had a successful, scalable Facebook Advertising (FB Ads) program in place. AM ID felt they were leaving money on the table and partnered with Optidge to scale ad spend and revenue profitability beyond what they had managed so far during Q2 2020. Based on analysis from AM ID, achieving profitability while scaling meant meeting a minimum of 3x ROAS through the rest of the year (Q3 and Q4 2020).

Two specific challenges were addressed when developing the strategy:

First, how do we structure the campaigns, targeting and creative in a way that efficiently uses the budget and maximizes revenue?

Secondly, as the client desires to increase the ad budget and revenue, how do we scale the campaigns while maintaining and achieving our return on ad spend goal?

The Work

Optidge developed a multi-stage Facebook and Instagram funnel campaign that qualified users and encouraged action. The marketing funnel was designed with 2 main subsets: Prospecting (containing top-of-funnel post engagement and video views campaigns as well as middle-of-funnel conversion-focused campaigns) and Retargeting. Our creative strategy centered around aligning ad types to the customer journey and utilizing imagery/videos featuring historically top-performing products to boost performance. While Prospecting received mostly images and some videos, Retargeting ads were primarily composed of dynamic product ads.

Messaging Examples:

Prospecting Copy

  • During a medical emergency, how will EMTs, doctors, or nurses know about your health condition? American Medical IDs speak for you or a loved one when you or they cannot. With over two decades of providing emergency professionals the info they need to save lives, we know you’re purchasing the peace of mind that a medical ID brings. Shop our wide selection of custom engraved medical IDs – made in America and backed by a 90-day warranty.
  • When an emergency occurs American Medical ID has your back 24/7. Two decades providing medical professionals the info they need to save lives means we know you’re purchasing the peace of mind that a medical ID brings.
  • Get peace of mind that American Medical ID will speak to medical professionals if you or a loved one can’t. Shop our wide selection of custom engraved medical IDs – made in America and backed by a 90 days warranty.

The results