How Optidge helped Degs & Sal Increase Revenue 4x’s using Facebook and Instagram Ads


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About Degs & Sal

Headquartered in NY and handcrafted in Italy, Degs & Sal is a designer men’s jewelry and lifestyle brand, offering high-end rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Created in the founder’s basement, Degs & Sal has since been featured by stars like Justin Beiber and Brad Pitt in GQ & Esquire. Degs and Sal’s modern yet artisan-style caters to an audience of young to middle-age men interested in accessorizing, high-end style, and pieces with eye-catching designs without spending a fortune. Degs and Sal competes with brands such as David Yurman, Miansai, M Cohen, Konstantino, and other well-known names in the men’s designer accessory industry.

DEGS & SAL Marketing Campaign Objectives & Performance Data

The Opportunity + Challenge

While Degs & Sal has some relationships with department stores selling their products, the company turned to direct to consumer marketing as their primary method for growing revenue. After an initial Facebook campaign strategy was crafted and implemented in 2018, the company quickly wanted to begin increasing the budget in an effort to reach more people and increase sales.

Two specific challenges were addressed when developing the campaigns: 

First, how do we restructure the campaigns and targeting in a way that more efficiently uses the budget and increases revenue?

Secondly, as the client desires to increase the ad budget over time, how do we scale the campaigns while maintaining and increasing our return on ad spend?

The Work

Optidge developed a multi-stage Facebook and Instagram funnel campaign that qualified users and encouraged action. 3 major strategy changes were made to our campaigns: the marketing funnel was expanded and fully fleshed out, the optimization event was changed in parts of the campaign, and the creative was better aligned with the marketing funnel and customer journey.

Messaging Examples:

Longer Copy

  • Modern by design and simple in style, Degs & Sal’s unique pieces are inspired by timeless classics from cultures around the world and rooted in our tradition of artisan craftsmanship. From our first collection in 2012 to being featured on multiple covers of GQ, we remain committed to delivering a wide selection of handcrafted Italian jewelry at reasonable prices. Whether you’re stacking pieces daily or just looking to subtly enhance your style, you’ll find the perfect piece to compliment any look.

Shorter Copy

  • Embracing bold designs, inspired by timeless classics of cultures around the world, from our first collection to the cover of GQ. Refine your style with Degs & Sal handcrafted Italian jewelry without breaking the bank.
  • From our first collection to the cover of GQ, Degs & Sal’s bold yet clean designs draw on inspiration from timeless classics of cultures around the world. Rooted in artisan craftsmanship, our handcrafted Italian jewelry refines your style without breaking the bank.

The results

  • 400x increase in total revenue
  • 130% increase in DIRECT ROAS to 2.66x
  • 72% decrease in cost per purchase,
  • 29% decrease in cost per add to cart
  • 24% decrease in CPMs. Finally
  • 278% increase in unique orders
  • 2020 AMA Crystal Award for Best Plan B Marketing Campaign