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BrainCheck Increased Its Qualified Leads by 101% and Increased Conversion Rates by 81% (Paid Social)

The Client

BrainCheck provides the next generation of cognitive testing with the ability to administer neurocognitive tests on the iPad, iPhone, and the computer to assess cognitive decline, traumatic brain injury, and overall cognitive health during wellness visits

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The Challenge

BrainCheck turned to Optidge to increase the number of quality leads and drive trial sign-ups.

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The Solution: An omnichannel strategy taking the user through an individualized marketing funnel

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We set out to create an integrated marketing campaign that displayed content informed by past interactions and the current stage of the buyer’s journey. Instead of displaying the same ad over and over again on each social media platform, we designed content that would mirror the customer’s stage of awareness and interest in the offer.

  • Implementing an omnichannel approach
    By utilizing the advertising platforms of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and LinkedIn, we were able to structure the campaign for each platform to mirror the customer’s journey to guide them further down the sales funnel. This allowed to us to create a sophisticated outreach campaign based on previous behaviors and interactions with the brand.
  • Segmenting audiences into Prospecting and Retargeting audiences
    Having elaborate structures with nuanced audiences made sure users saw the exact message they needed at each stage in their journey.
  • Maximizing ad budget to get the highest RO
    I The individualized marketing funnel strategy gave us full control over what creatives (graphics & videos) users saw at each stage of their journey as well as the ability to focus our budget on where we saw the best results.

The Results

Our sophisticated omnichannel approach resulted in a significant increase in the number of qualified leads and conversions while reducing costs

  • Increased number of conversions by 81%
  • Reduced cost per conversion by 14%
  • Increased the number of qualified leads by 51%
  • Reduced cost per qualified lead by 23%