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How CircleCare increased organic traffic by 56% through SEO-focused content marketing or how CircleCare grew their organic traffic by 56% in 12 months

The Company

Established in November 2020, Circle Care Services is a New Jersey-based ABA therapy provider, offering services to families across New Jersey whose children are diagnosed with autism. 

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The Challenge

When Circle Care launched its website in November 2020, it had no blog and minimal, or zero, organic traffic. Operating in a highly competitive market, they understood that they needed to be recognized as a trusted authority and resource for parents of children with autism who were considering ABA therapy. They turned to Optidge to help them increase their organic traffic by establishing themselves as a trusted, knowledgeable thought leader and resource in the ABA therapy space. 

A Light Bulb With Gears Coming Out of It
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Our goal

  • Increase organic traffic growth by 8% month-on-month through weekly blogs

Our Solution: SEO-focused content strategy to produce high-value, high-ranking blog posts that established authority and earned the trust of the target market

We needed to create a blog that attracts organic traffic through consistent, high-value educational content.  

We did this by

  • Developing a content strategy based on a data-driven understanding of what the target audience was looking for
    Researching keywords with high search volume and low competition informed us on what topics our content would focus on. Taking it a step further, we made sure each blog piece included relevant long-tail and contextual keywords. Long-tail keywords are much easier to rank than short-tail keywords because of the relatively low competition. Additionally, we continually analyzed competitor blogs to ensure we maintained a competitive word count for each topic. 
  • Optimizing internal linking
    Internal linking is key to driving organic traffic to content pieces. Once we had carried out an in-depth internal linking audit we knew the number of incoming and outgoing internal links for every blog post on the website. If a page didn’t have enough outgoing links, we added links to other blogs with relevant anchor text. If a blog didn’t have enough incoming links, we made sure to refer to it within other blogs. By the end of 2021, we had connected all 50 blogs through internal links. It made it easier for users to find what they needed AND told Google that these pages had useful information. 

We did this by

  • Messaging that established Circle Care as an empathetic, knowledgeable authority for parents of children with autism
    Once traffic landed on the site, we needed content that portrayed Circle Care as a trusted, expert & empathetic resource on ABA therapy and autism. We worked with a writer who had a background in autism and had experience with ABA therapy. Every piece of blog content aimed to answer the questions of parents struggling to find information about autism.
    Maintaining an authoritative voice meant we needed to help readers find relevant content and helpful information as they read through blogs. While internal linking serves the SEO purpose of increasing page authority, it was also an important part of our messaging strategy. Every post included several links to other relevant blogs. The links were always added on relevant anchor text, so the readers knew exactly what they were clicking on, and could easily find what they were looking for.  

The Results

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  • We aimed for an average monthly growth rate of 8% in organic traffic to the blogs. In 2021, we were able to reach an average monthly growth rate of 56% in Organic traffic, which means we beat our goal by 600%. 
  • We posted a total of 50 blogs throughout 2021 which accounted for 50% of all organic users on the site in 2021

“It’s been almost 2 years since starting with Optidge, and our business has seen great growth. As a startup, we had zero online presence and now our families are finding us on search, we have content to share with our market and our social media presence is steadily building. 

Their ability to collect and analyze data, take initiative and responsibility, and answer hard questions, in a collaborative organized manner has made working with them an absolute pleasure! 

After each biweekly meeting, I find myself blessing them anew!”

Chana Gross