Heart of Innovation: Revolutionizing Data Management for Berlin Heart with HubSpot CRM

How Optidge’s Expertise in CRM Implementation Enhanced Operational Efficiency for a Leading Pediatric Heart Support Device Provider


Berlin Heart, a leader in cardiovascular innovations, focuses on developing life-saving mechanical heart support devices, particularly for pediatric care. Their product, the Excor® Pediatric device, has become essential in supporting children awaiting heart transplants. Despite their technological advancements, Berlin Heart faced significant challenges with outdated data management systems. Critical information was confined to multiple spreadsheets, risking data errors in a field where precision is paramount.

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The primary challenge was modernizing Berlin Heart’s data management to match the urgency and precision required in pediatric heart support operations. The reliance on outdated spreadsheets led to inefficiencies and potential data inaccuracies—risks that were unacceptable in high-stakes medical care. Moreover, the company needed a system that could handle complex data without compromising patient confidentiality.


  • Optidge, a HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner, was tasked with implementing a sophisticated, cloud-based CRM system using HubSpot. The strategy involved creating a robust data architecture that was easy to use to ensure wide adoption across Berlin Heart. Key tactics included:
  • Developing custom objects within HubSpot tailored to Berlin Heart’s specific needs, such as device records, maintenance logs, and training logs.
  • Automating workflows and alerts to streamline device maintenance and ensure timely interventions.
  • Conducting extensive user training with a hands-on approach to ensure the CRM was well-integrated into daily operations without disrupting existing processes.


The implementation of the HubSpot CRM system transformed Berlin Heart’s operations dramatically. The new system provided:

• Real-time access to vital data from anywhere, crucial for staff who travel frequently.

• A centralized database that eliminated previous data redundancy and inaccuracies.

• Automated workflows that enhanced the maintenance and reliability of life-saving devices.

Client’s Feedback

“Working with Danny and the Optidge team was an exceptional experience. We are a very niche company who needed very specific things from the system and Danny delivered every step of the way. The use of the HubSpot platform has streamlined our operations and we couldn’t have done it without the creativity and customization provided by optidge. We are excited for the opportunities to continue integrating HubSpot into more of our operations with the support of this team!”

Emily D., Clinical Affairs Specialist – Team Lead

The successful CRM implementation by Optidge for Berlin Heart showcases the transformative impact of tailored digital solutions in healthcare. This project not only streamlined operations but also ensured that Berlin Heart’s mission to save lives is supported by a robust and innovative data management system. The CRM has become an invaluable tool in their mission, demonstrating the potential of technology to enhance the critical work of medical professionals.