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A Smooth Pivot: Achieving Marketing Success in Tough Times with Live Edge Slabs

Revamping Meta Ads Strategy to Overcome Marketing Challenges and Winning Best Plan B for a Marketing Campaign Award

Live Edge Slabs, LLC, is a Houston-based company that excels in offering top-tier wood slabs and custom wood slab furniture. They initially relied on Facebook’s boosted posts but lacked the expertise to orchestrate a full-fledged Meta advertising campaign. Seeking professional help, they engaged Optidge.

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The Challenge

The campaign was off to a promising start, focusing on selling live edge slab tables in the Greater Houston Area. However, the cost per lead (CPL) climbed from an initial $62 to an unsustainable $125. The main challenge was to create a “Plan B” to lower and stabilize the CPL.

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Our goal

  • Optidge aimed to reconstruct the campaign strategy to maintain an average CPL below $125 and, subsequently, achieve a steady CPL under $110 throughout the campaign duration.

Plan & Execution

The initial strategy (Pre-Pivot) centered on generating lead form submissions. However, despite efforts, the CPL exceeded the set goal. To address this, a Plan B (Post-Pivot) strategy was developed. The transformational steps included:

1. Transitioning from form submissions to Messenger Ads

This change decreased CPL by lowering user friction and improving the user experience.

2. Scaling successful audience themes

Optidge identified top-performing audiences from the Pre-Pivot phase and tested new ones with similar targeting, thus effectively optimizing ad spend.

3. Adopting fresh creative approaches

Introduced new creative based on winning themes, pausing less effective ads, and investing more in the winning creative, significantly improving performance metrics.


The strategic pivot resulted in a considerable CPL reduction from over $125 to $12, a figure far below the set goal. The campaign’s success surpassed the client’s objectives, with an overall CPL of $15.82 for the campaign duration, outperforming the goal by 695% and generating a total of 1,415 leads.

This campaign successfully bagged the 2023 AMA Crystal Award for “Best Plan B for a Marketing Campaign”. The win stands as a testament to Optidge’s ability to adapt, innovate, and achieve marketing success amidst challenges.