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How Rollac generated a 4651% ROI with Google Ads

The Client

Rollac manufactures and installs high-quality custom made rolling shutters, awnings and shades. With several decades of experience, they’re known for their top-quality products and superior customer service. 

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The Challenge

We had been working with Rollac since 2018, slowly building up their digital marketing initiatives. In 2021, we wanted to push the envelope and leverage our learnings and data to generate high volumes of sales for Rolling Shutters and ZipShades.

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The Campaign

  • Objective: Generate sales from 2 product categories to the value of $50,000 through paid search
  • Target ROI: 500%
  • Duration: January 2021 – December 2021

Our Solution: A paid search solution with rigorous quality control & through the funnel conversion optimization

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With clear targets and a deep understanding of our target audience, we used a three-pronged approach to meet our objectives:

  • Formulating compelling, cohesive messaging across all campaigns 
    Ranking high on paid search isn’t enough to capture high-quality leads. With seconds to differentiate ourselves from competitors, we used our exhaustive keyword research to create ad copy that was attention-grabbing & emotionally engaging. The combination of aligning copy with highly relevant search terms ensured we generated high-quality leads.

    Testing landing page variations allowed us to keep costs down while generating quality leads.

    Finally, we carefully selected high-quality imagery that would support the ad copy by showcasing how the products appeared on various properties. This was done via image extensions on the landing pages which displayed pictures of different house sizes and product applications.
  • Analyzing and optimizing lead quality through rigorous quality control
    Since the company had no existing CRM, we set up a basic CRM sheet to track and analyze lead quality. We set up UTMs for the Google campaigns to capture data from the leads and then added these tracking codes to the CRM sheet. This helped the sales team label the leads that converted into a sale, as well as the sale value. By knowing exactly what campaigns and landing page variations were bringing in the best quality leads, we reassigned budgets to promote the highest value campaigns. Optimizations were made based on what was ultimately driving the bottom line, rather than generating a large number of leads that may never result in a sale. This led to high-performing campaigns that generated the highest quality leads – and maximum sales – possible.
  • Driving conversions through each stage of the sales funnel
    High-quality leads were a good start, but not enough for our tenacious, result-driven commitment. We needed to drive the final sale – even as the lead moved offline. Listening to each call helped us assess a lead’s experience when communicating with Rollac over the phone to make sure it was aligned with the professional, polished tone of our online advertising. The Rollac team that were tasked with answering the phones were coached to greet callers directly, immediately establishing that the caller had reached Rollac.  They then guided the caller to the correct sales team member based on the product and application type they were interested in. This smooth customer experience proved integral to transitioning high-quality leads to sales.

The results

Our Rollac’s Google Ads paid search strategy not only successfully met the original goal, but exceeded it by delivering a 5-times return on investment for the company. The result was a record year in sales for the company. 

Key metrics include

  • Revenue generated:  $1+ million
  • ROI: 4257% 
  • Award: 2022 AMA Crystal Award for Best Medium Paid Search Campaign

Customer Testimonial:

Very tentative, Problem-solving oriented, helpful, and creativeEva Konrad, CEO