Harris County Bar Association & Optidge Case Study

The Harris County Bar Association has been providing certified lawyer referral services to the Houston Metropolitan area, as well as the counties of Galveston, Brazoria, Fort Bend and Montgomery, since 1978. Unfortunately, their online presence was severely lacking, and their website simply wasn’t generating the traffic levels expected of such a reputable, annually certified lawyer referral service.

This is where the online traffic gurus at Optidge stepped in. By working directly with the Harris County Bar Association, Optidge was able to create a web traffic optimization plan that was both affordable and effective.

For starters, Optidge decided to create a blog section on the Harris County Bar Association homepage. Here, HCBA employees are able to talk about the concerns of those seeking a lawyer referral service, and discuss pertinent topics such as court vs. arbitration, bankruptcy rules and considerations for choosing a lawyer.

In addition, Optidge provided SEO (search engine optimization) services for the entire Harris County Bar Association website. Optidge assisted with content rewrites, page restructuring and link building. As a result, the Harris County Bar Association has received a 30% increase in online traffic in less than 6 months. As the success of their blog continues and additional inbound links are created, there’s no telling how busy the HCBA’s site will become in another 6 months.

Optidge understands the importance of high traffic levels for any organization’s website. With our services, the success of the HCBA can be your own.