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What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing sets up two or more variants of a webpage. One element on the page has changed, such as the color of a call-to-action button or featured image. Incoming traffic is then randomly and equally split between the variants. Finally, we review the data to see which version, if any, led users to complete the desired action at a higher rate. The action could be filling out a contact form, making a phone call, purchasing a product, or anything else you want users to do when visiting a given page.


what is a/b testing?Why Should I A/B Test?

It’s easy to look at two variants of a page presented by a designer and pick the one that feels most appealing at the moment. However, it could very well be that your feelings are different from the majority of your website visitors. The only way to know the objectively BEST choice is to let the users show you. So, we present them with both options and watch how they respond.

Sometimes the subjectively “prettier” option simply doesn’t perform as well. It could be that the users are glancing over it and you need something more jarring to catch their attention. There are also specific visual cues that imply trust to users and putting these pieces in the optimal position can be tricky.

How Do I A/B Test?

Firstly, we need to connect your website with testing software. Next, we’ll decide what element we want to test first. Then we create the different variants. Then… we wait. Once we’ve received enough data to be statistically relevant, we can choose which version of the page we want to keep live and remove the lesser-performing option.

The options are, in a way, limitless. Whatever you can think to change, you can test. You don’t have to restrict your testing to one page at a time. We can run multiple A/B tests simultaneously. However, as we learned in high school chemistry, for a valid experiment, it is best to control all elements other than the one being tested.

Don’t forget A/B testing works on mobile websites, apps, social ads, and search ads.

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