A Podcast On Destination: Digital Marketing Data With Duane Brown And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

045: Destination: Digital Marketing Data with Duane Brown

A: Danny Gavin

Join us in this episode as Duane Brown, Founder & Head of Strategy at Take Some Risk Inc., shares his…

A Podcast On From Award-Winning Dalmatian Drawing To Data In Paid Search Campaigns With Caroline Pham And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

044: From Award-Winning Dalmatian Drawing to Data in Paid Search Campaigns with Caroline Pham (Office Hours)

A: Danny Gavin

In today’s office hours episode, we discuss all things data-driven marketing with Optidge’s Caroline Pham. She shares insights on creating…

eric vardon

043: All Maple, Amazing Mentors, Arcane Marketing, and More with Eric Vardon

A: Danny Gavin

Today, we delve into Eric Vardon's journey from pioneering the digital marketing landscape in the 90s to co-founding and gracefully…

alison reeves

042: Missionaries, Mentors, Masterminds, Mediums, and Marketing w/ Alison Reeves

A: Danny Gavin

Today’s episode brings us the story of Alison Reeves, a business and mindset coach. We learn how she grew through…

navah hopkins

041: English, Ethics, Education, and Encouragement in Paid Search with Navah Hopkins

A: Danny Gavin

From an early dream of becoming an English teacher to her pivotal shift into the marketing world, Navah's story is…

jenna meldrum

040: All Aboard! Amazing Client Onboarding with Jenna Meldrum (Office Hours)

A: Danny Gavin

Two of the key responsibilities of account management are expectation management and client onboarding. In this episode, we learn from…

media management mike metzler

39: Masters Degrees in Media Management, Mentoring, and Masterful Social Media Marketing with Mike Metzler

A: Danny Gavin

Mike Metzler has long had a home on social media: beginning on Facebook in 2005 as a college student to…

A Podcast On Self-Taught, SEO Speaker, And Strategist Extraordinaire With Shelly Fagin And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

038: Self-Taught, SEO Speaker, and Strategist Extraordinaire, Shelly Fagin

A: Danny Gavin

Shelly Fagin has been in the digital world since she was a young girl playing on her green screen Apple…

A Podcast On Seminary To Selling Ad Space To Solving Problems And Sharing Her Creativity At The Jewish Content Network With Chayale Kaufman And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

037: Seminary to Selling Ad Space to Solving Problems and Sharing Her Creativity at the Jewish Content Network with Chayale

A: Danny Gavin

Chayale Kaufman started her career in sales, as many entrepreneurs do. Her intuition, hard work, and dedication led her to…

A Podcast On Chaos To Coordination To COO – Building Digital Dream Teams In Remote Marketing Agencies With Leah Leaves And Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist At Optidge

036: Chaos to Coordination to COO – Building Digital Dream Teams in Remote Marketing Agencies with Leah Leaves (Office Hours)

A: Danny Gavin

In this special Office Hours episode, Optidge’s own COO and resident expert in all things operations shares her three secrets…