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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For B2B and B2C Companies in Houston, TX

Search Engine Optimization is a little different from more traditional forms of marketing because it is permission based. Unlike magazine ads, billboards, and radio spots, SEO helps users find what they’re already looking for. A billboard could be seen by thousands of individuals who will never be in your target audience. When it comes to being found online, you’re closer to the bottom of the purchase funnel. Users are already looking for information relating to your product/service online via search engines like Google & Bing. You just have to ensure that they can find you. ‘How do you do that?’ you ask. SEO.

Quality search engine optimization is a field that is constantly changing and evolving. Methods for SEO that attract huge hits today might become virtually ineffective tomorrow, depending on changes in the coding and algorithms utilized by search engines. However, many of the guiding principles have remained over the years. Ultimately search engines want a positive experience for their users. That means providing websites that their users will like with the content they are looking for. In order to be found you have to offer a few different elements. There are key pieces of a website that communicate its search results worthiness. Optidge understands how to utilize those elements for the greatest impact.  We understand the art of SEO, and stay up to date on every innovation and change surrounding the industry.

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SEO and Content Marketing

One of the vital components to search engine optimization is consistent, keyword-inspired content creation. Search engines value websites offering fresh, well-liked content. This means finding the keywords and topics that your potential customers are using to search for your product/service, even if that’s not the terminology you’re used to. In this case, the customer IS right, because it’s his or her words that matter.

Additionally, there are certain behind-the-scenes components to a website that must adhere to certain standards. These various pieces help to communicate the overall topic of a given page and the website as a whole. Further, they help prevent users from landing on broken, old, or missing pages. This would not be a positive user experience and is therefore frowned upon by search engines.

Teamwork and Long Term Investment with SEO

SEO is much like planting and tending to a community garden. It is a long-term, collaborative effort. Optidge works closely with our clients to learn about their businesses, clients, and industries. Our clients help us stay up to date on their other marketing efforts as well as their current customers’ pain points and praises. This teamwork coupled with our vast internet marketing experience helps create a well-rounded approach to search engine optimization. Without working hand-in-hand with our clients, the outcome loses its personal appeal and connection to the brand.  Ultimately, we need to present a unified front to potential customers across all marketing channels, even those you can’t track ROI for as well as internet marketing.

Internet marketing is different for every company in each industry. Some are highly competitive and require a far more personal approach. Others require less of a presence, however, if trust is to be garnered a consistent presence is still a must. We have clients who see slow, steady growth of 5% each month in organic traffic. We also have clients whose traffic jumps 80% in one month after 11 months of consistent work. If SEO is something you’re interested to learn more about feel free to reach out to us or check out our case studies. We’ve seen much success with our long-term partners over the years.

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