A Guide to Evolving with Google’s Search Marketing Updates: Three Part Series

Images Sourced and Concepts Adapted from Presentations at Wordstream Live Austin 2017

Being a fan of Wordstream for a couple years now, I knew that Wordstream Live – Austin was going to be awesome. However, summing it up simply as ‘awesome’ would not do it justice, so I decided to write a series of posts about it! Seeing as this was the first time I had traveled for a workshop by myself and the fact that it was at the Google Office in Austin (which was a location straight out of a movie), I was a bit unsure of what to expect. Admittedly, walking into a conference room at Google was a little intimidating, but once the incredible speakers from Google and Wordstream started dealing out their wisdom – any nerves I had turned into excitement. The workshop centered around Google AdWords and Search Marketing. The speakers touched on topics ranging from general AdWords strategies like profit driven marketing to specific topics such as identifying close-variant keywords in the breakout sessions. The general theme that resonated throughout was: Google is getting better at understanding intent behind searches, so implementing strategies that align with Google’s advances while avoiding strategies that are outdated or simply don’t work is crucial to succeeding in search marketing today.

There were many great presentations at WordStream Live. So, we’ve consolidated our notes, thoughts, and conclusions and are sharing them with you in this blog series. Just look for the blogs with the Wordstream Live tag.

As we’ve seen in the theme of this work shop, it’s not enough to simply be aware of updates in the search marketing industry, but you need to understand how those updates impact you and implementing changes that help you adapt and evolve with those updates so you can create the best customer journey for your customers and ultimately drive results.

The Following Blog Posts are a 3-Part Series:

  1. Using Profits to Drive Your Search Marketing Strategy
  2. Search Marketing Hack & Strategies That Are SO #FakeNews
  3. Keyword Planning in a Close Variant World
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