Podcast: Divine Providence and Digital Marketing | Jewish Money Matters

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Source: Jewish Money Matters

Ever thought of starting a career in digital marketing? This show’s definitely for you. But, even if digital marketing is not your jam, stay with me because you’ll find this conversation incredibly uplifting and refreshing. I mean, I love a conversation where divine providence comes up over and over again, especially when it’s a conversation about entrepreneurship, business… making a living. This is one of those my friends.

Today, we talk about Danny’s entrepreneurial journey and the digital marketing landscape. What should we be focusing on when there are so many digital marketing opportunities? What’s in the horizon in this space? What should we be paying more attention to? Ehem… TikTok, do we really have to be there? You bet I asked. Content creation, SEO, pay to play… and is Google dead?  All of this and more with Danny Gavin.

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