How Do You Know If Your Competition is Watching You?

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool! Besides for page views and visitors, it often can tell you which of your competitors are visiting, or some might say, snooping around your website.

I recently ran into one of these situations. I work with an online jewelry company and one of their main competitors has been ‘snooping’ around Optidge – I guess they need help with their Social Media lol – Well they came to the right place!!

In the picture below.. you will see that one is able to filter information by Service Provider. Often one will see Comcast, AT&T or Verizon – but sometimes one will get lucky and more info will be shown – like the name of your competition, or in this unique case, your competition’s sister company. (Note: You can also double check this by also looking at the “City” Dimension – to make sure the visit is coming from the suspect’s city.)

I hope this little trick can help you monitor your competition and continue to raise the bar, because you know what, if they are watching you must be doing something good…

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