iOS14 and Facebook Ads – What You Need to Know Right Now

If Facebook and/or Instagram Ads are ANY part of your business STOP and READ this now before it’s too late…

Yes, that title is pretty “clickbaity” however it’s for a good reason… iOS14 is making changes that will be affecting all FB/IG advertisers (and potentially Google and Bing as well…) In short, Apple will begin to require that all apps show a prompt to users on iOS 14 devices to opt-out of tracking. BEWARE: If a user actually opts out, this WILL affect your targeting/measurement & FB is removing its 28-day attribution window.

Andrew Foxwell, does an amazing job of explaining what happens and how you can prepare. On a high level here is what you need to know:

Not ALL tracking is being lost – If a user opts out, changes to that person’s data will include shorter attribution windows (i.e. if they purchase 8 days later you won’t see it), no demographic data in reporting breakdowns, only 1 conversion event will be attributed to that user (i.e. if he added to cart, you will see 1 add to cart, but once he purchases you will see 1 purchase, but 0 add to carts… this is based off a priority of 8 events that you may choose) & likely smaller retargeting audiences due to the limit of conversion events.

What to do before the iOS14 and Facebook Ads changes take place?

  1. Dive into Ads Manager and see how many of your conversions are in the 28-day window relative to 1 day and 7 days. This will help you approximate success once you can’t see this data any longer.
  2. If you use more than 8 events, you should start prioritizing and/or consolidating which 8 you will be using moving forward.
  3. The article explains it more at length as to the reason why – but it’s a good idea to “verify your domain” with Facebook (although not required in all cases.)
  4. There’s a concept of tracking conversions via CAPI (serverside) vs Pixel (browser side). CAPI can bring some benefit over the Pixel… but both will be affected by ios14. 5)
  5. Be prepared to discuss the possible changes with your client/boss/team.
  6. Don’t freak out – we are all in this together – and will come out on the other side! 

If you need any help navigating these unknown waters drop us a line.

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