Podcast: The New Way in Digital Marketing: Mastering SEO in the Era of Generative AI

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The New Way in Digital Marketing : Mastering SEO in the Era of Generative AI – The Scaling Edge Podcast

Featured Podcast Guest: Danny Shares Details on AI, SEO + More!

AI, particularly generative AI, is often hailed as the future of SEO. While it may initially seem complex, understanding its role in digital content marketing is crucial in today’s landscape. 

That’s why our founder, Danny Gavin, was recently featured on an episode of ‘The Scaling Edge,’ a podcast designed to provide unparalleled insights into the world of entrepreneurship. 

Danny shared his valuable insights about the rise of generative AI and other subjects related to digital marketing.

During the episode, hosts Stephen Lucas and Maxwell learned about Danny’s path to becoming an innovative entrepreneur. It started with his family’s hard-working immigrant roots, his ordainment as a Rabi, and a transformative internship leading to a career pivot into digital marketing. 

Today, he is the visionary founder of Optidge, our leading digital marketing agency, and a respected professor at the University of Houston.

Danny manages our agency, a team of 30, and specializes in web design and development, email marketing, organic social media, paid search, and SEO, his personal favorite. 

Together, the trio discussed various subjects, including the role of generative AI in content creation and SEO.

They talked about the obstacles businesses often face with digital marketing agencies. Danny offered insights into working with limited budgets, increasing brand awareness, and knowing when to use social media platforms, whether through organic social media or a paid social media strategy. 

He shared his wealth of experience and offered valuable advice on how companies can effectively choose a digital marketing agency. Danny’s tips included looking beyond how much organic traffic an agency can deliver and asking the right questions about lead quality, lead generation, and tracking conversions.

He shared that embracing change is one of his keys to success in the dynamic digital marketing world. He added that our industry is constantly evolving and that Danny recommends people remain informed about and adapt to these shifts.

That includes understanding generative AI, which, according to him, our industry still doesn’t completely understand how it will affect things in the long term.

Danny also touched on how mentorship has affected his career trajectory and the importance of guiding others as they navigate their own. 

Whether you’re mentoring someone or a mentee yourself, he stresses that the experience is invaluable. He’s so passionate about mentoring that it has become the foundation of our podcast, The Digital Marketing Mentor

Listen to Danny’s appearance on The Scaling Edge to learn more about our founder, the Digital Marketing Mentor, and Optidge.  

The Top 4 Takeaways from the Scaling Edge Episode:

  • The digital marketing industry has yet to determine how generative AI will affect things in the long term. This machine learning is still in its infancy.
  • You must learn to embrace change if you want to be successful in the digital marketing industry.
  • Companies face challenges working with agencies, such as a limited budget, increasing brand awareness, and knowing when to use social media platforms.
  • The key to choosing the right digital marketing industry is to inquire about lead generation, lead quality, and tracking conversions. 
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