More than leads, rankings and clicks

We help established brands leverage the power of digital marketing so your business can grow. From powerful SEO and Google (or Microsoft) ads to high-impact paid social media marketing, we deliver (way) more than an impressive number of leads or rankings every month. Whether it’s tracking phone calls and forms, analyzing the quality of each lead in your CRM, or even building your CRM from scratch, we’re here to deliver tangible business growth.

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Why work with us?
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When it comes
to digital marketing, mediocre won’t move the needle.

You’re a forward-thinking leader. You know that without high-performing digital marketing, you can’t accelerate your lead generation, break into new markets or protect your existing customer base.

But finding the right digital marketing agency is no walk in the park.

You’re tired of agencies that set up campaigns, send you lists of keywords, shoot off monthly reports and then vanish into thin air. The worst part? You’ve got no idea if you’re getting maximum (or any) ROI.

In today’s competitive market, skills alone aren’t enough

Let’s be honest. A lot of digital marketers are competent when it comes to SEO, keywords, and analytics. But it’s not enough. Beyond skills, you want someone who will grab hold of the reins, pay constant attention and be proactive so you get the highest ROI (with the least amount of stress). You’ve got enough on your plate without chasing for updates or begging them to try something different.

You want a digital marketer who CARES.

Serious Skills

Close Partnership

Powerful Results

As a digital marketing agency founded on both deep expertise + genuine partnership, we take your goals as seriously as we take our skills.

Driven by data

To get top performance and true quality leads from your digital marketing efforts, you need a strategic partner who knows their stuff and is fiercely invested in your success.

When it comes to expertise, we don’t mess around.

A partnership with Optidge means getting to work with our paid advertising and SEO pros who have:

  • Award-winning results
  • Decades of combined experience
  • Industry-leading expertise

Powered by partnership

When we work together, you get a dependable, friendly & professional partner who:

  • Cares enough to apply our deep knowledge and creative thinking to your business
  • Knows exactly how your campaigns are performing at any time
  • Tinkers, tweaks, and tests new strategies to optimize (even solid) performance
  • Is responsive, friendly, and goes beyond the call of duty to help you

Everything we do starts with partnership.

A group of three light bulbs hanging from wires

My biggest challenge is to find people I can depend on on a daily basis. Optidge is very knowledgeable. And, they genuinely care about their clients and about the success of the campaigns. They’re an extension of our team. I talk to them every day, and we all work together to accomplish goals. I truly value their input, support, and recommendations. Their service is impeccable. Having a team like Optidge takes a lot off my plate.

Ursula O’Hara, Nick’s Plumbing

“They're an extension of our team.”

Ursula O’Hara, Nick’s Plumbing

Passionate Partnerships

Exceptional Expertise

Measurable Growth


Increase in organic traffic for a plumbing business

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Increase in sales generated through online marketing for a high-end shutter manufacturer

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Increase in conversions for a health technology business

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It costs a lot of money for us to acquire a customer. Once they convert, we have these customers for a very, very long time. Therefore measuring our results is very important. Optidge is extremely knowledgeable, especially when it comes down to quantitative measuring of the success of the campaigns.

Stefan Poetsch, Chief Operating Officer At Layher Inc.

“Extremely knowledgeable in measuring results.”

Stefan PoetschChief Operating Officer at Layher Inc.

Your success is personal. So is our approach.

A computer, tablet, and phone each showing data

Data-driven creativity

We believe that data + creativity = long-term wins. Our quantitative methods combined with out-of-the-box creativity means you get innovative recommendations and constant.

An email envelope with a megaphone and two speech bubbles

Reliable and prompt communication

Responding to you swiftly is not a nice-to-have: it’s our priority. And you’ll get monthly, detailed feedback on performance, strategy, and changes.

A light bulb with arrows pointing to a bar chart

Personalized solutions

We take the time and interest to build a personalized solution that fits your unique needs like a glove.

A line graph with a text bubble on it

Proactive optimization

Set and forget? Yuck! We don’t do mediocre. We’re relentlessly proactive about pushing for ongoing optimization. You’ll be 100% confident you’re getting the maximum ROI, without needing to

Icon of a shining diamond

Exquisite service

You’re not another number in an assembly line. Quite the opposite: we treat you like family. We’re helpful, responsive, and patiently explain every step of our thinking in layman’s terms.

A magnifying glass over a piece of paper with plus signs


Are we human? Yup. Do we make mistakes? You bet. We find them, own up to them, fix them and make sure to never repeat them.

Our seriously satisfied clients

Here’s why they trust us

(and recommend us to their friends)

Mike Metzler

Quality Traffic from SEO and Paid Search has increased significantly.

There is always somebody paying attention to our site. Our traffic from SEO and Paid Search has increased significantly. I appreciate Optidge’s flexibility, their response time, and how they’re they’re so accessible. Another benefit is that all metrics are trackable which makes easy to determine if we’re getting good ROI.

― Mike Metzler, Senior Marketing Manager, Conviva

Michelle Halle,, LCSW Ocean Therapy Partners

Startling results!

The results were startling! The Optidge team brought significantly more traffic to my website through their SEO and they were a pleasure to work with. The experience was positive and pleasant from the initial meeting to project completion.

― Michelle Halle, LCSW - Ocean Therapy Partners

Chana Gross, Marketing Manager, Circle Care, New Jersey

They are invested in our success.

Optidge over delivered for us in terms of communication, and helpfulness. They are always open to normal criticism, are very responsive, and keep our account at the forefront of their mind even without us nudging. We feel that they are invested in our success.

― Chana Gross, The Therapy