They Tell You Blog! But Is Your Blog An Asset Or A Liability?

Recently, I have been pushing blogging to a number of my clients. There are tons of advantages of blogging for a company, especially as a strategy for getting ranked for a variety of keyword phrases related to your industry. And by the way… Google loves Fresh Content… a Blog is great for this, especially for those STATIC B2B Brochures of a site ???? LOL

Here is a great article that I just read which takes a look at the other side of the blogging coin.

Is Your Blog An Asset Or A Liability?. “…It might be a good idea, but if you hate it, and it becomes a chore, it’s not worth the time, and you could probably find something more profitable to do…”

Carrie definitely has some great points. However, I personally feel instead of finding reasons why not to have a blog, put together a strategy so that it CAN work. If you are not a blogger, then find someone in your company that is. A Blog, or any other Content Marketing Platform, is vital in today’s digital age.

How do you feel about blogging?

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