3 Ways To Track Clicks as Conversions in Adwords

I went to an awesome seminar today run by Google!!! I learned and was reminded of many things. One of the topics that I was reminded about was the common question of “is it possible to Track Clicks as Conversions in Adwords.” Well the answer is yes! Here are 3 excellent blog posts that discuss the topic

1. How to Track Clicks as Conversions in Adwords

…using a Javascript code that opens an invisible iframe containing the AdWords (or any other tracking code) at clicks on the tagged links….

2. How To Track Clicks As Conversions in AdWords Using Google Analytics

– Here is a more recent article from the same blog that outlines 14 steps to:

…achieve the same goal by setting up Event Tracking as Goals in Google Analytics, and importing the goals into AdWords as conversion….

3. How to track a Google Adwords conversion onclick?

– This in another way of asking the question. This post provides an easier way than solution #1.

<scripttype="text/javascript">  function trackConv(){          var google_conversion_id  =1234567890;          var google_conversion_label    ="LQV8CNq6RxCKlPbvAw";          image =newImage(1,1);          image.src ="http://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/  conversion/"+google_conversion_id+"/?label="+google_conversion_label  +"&script=0";  }  </script>

Then for links which you want to track just do this :


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