Typical Digital Display Advertising Costs

  • AOL, Yahoo and other major publishers sell day-long homepage takeovers for around $500,000, media buyers report.
  • According to media buyers, Hulu currently sells its video ad inventory at around a $30 CPM.
  • Agencies say BuzzFeed typically charges around $100,000 for four or five pieces of branded content.
  • YouTube’s homepage ad units cost up to $500,000 a day.
  • Promoted trending topics on Twitter currently sell for up to $120,000 a day.
  • Tumblr’s Radar ad unit costs $25,000 for 6 million impressions, not including any earned media those impressions may lead to if and when users share that content around the network. –
  • Media buyers say Forbes charges around an $80 CPM for its welcome interstitial ads.
  • A typical video ad network buy is charged in the region of $10 CPM. On that basis, $4 million could buy around 400 million impressions.

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