2023 Top 3 Digital Marketing Trend Predictions

Our team members have predicted 2023 marketing trends! It is crucial to be ahead of the trend curve leading into the new year. So what marketing trends do you expect to see in 2023?

Paid Social

In Paid Social:  AI as a tool to help us brainstorm. We wouldn’t go live with AI-generated copy or creative (yet), but it can give us lots of ideas in seconds, which we can refine to fit the particularities of our campaigns.

Grace Glass

Paid Search

Google Ads marketers are getting pushed even further to use automation – enter Performance Max and RSAs over expanded text ads. BUT these automation tools are becoming more powerful, and with the right know-how, work amazingly well to improve performance.

Brianna Deboever


Conversational queries – Google is looking to better understand conversational searches/how users use natural language when they search for something.  Optimizing content is going beyond keywords, but also taking into consideration conversational/verbal phrasing

Mandy Politi

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