Article Spinning and White Hat SEO???

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Great Article! I love how you don’t just throw spinning out with the bathwater… but actually show how it can still be Kosher.

via What’s the Deal with Article Spinning and SEO | Daily SEO Tip.

When Article Spinning Works for SEO

The biggest tip that I can give someone who finds that they are spinning articles is to do it correctly. Yes, there is a correct way to spin articles. Google bots will not know if you have been spinning articles if they are different enough than some of your older articles of if they are combining different information from different articles. In other words,manually spinning articles will not hurt your SEO.

However, manually spinning articles is not always an easy thing to do. There are several tips that a writer should keep in mind before beginning an article:

  • Make sure that no two sentences are exactly alike. This is considered plagiarism. Article spinning is about using the facts in your own words, not copying down every fifth sentence verbatim.
  • You should not be stealing opinions. If someone came up with a great opinion but you did not come up with it yourself, you must give credit. If not, you’re plagiarizing.
  • Try to take ideas from several different sources. If you decide you want to write an article about the top 5 ways to do something, don’t look at once source (even if it’s your own) and take all the top 5 ways. Use your own ideas and then research others that YOU feel are best.
  • Don’t spin articles already on a particular website. The whole point of writing an article is to give visitors of a website something new and interesting to read. This simply won’t happen if you’re trying to constantly spin the same 20 articles on a website.

Most writers who manually spin an article try to spin an article that they have written in the past. This will give you a little bit more leeway in terms of what information you can and cannot use. Still, I cannot stress enough the idea that article spinning should only be using the facts—not original ideas or opinions.

Nothing in life is all or nothing… especially when it comes to SEO and Internet Marketing and posts like these help push that point. Thanks Amanda!

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