Paid Search Marketing Influences In Store Purchasing

Trying to sell PPC to your client, boss, or team? Ever wondered if paying for that click was really worth it. I just found this post that introduces a study on the impact of search marketing on in store purchasing. The following is a great find that I want to share with you:

The study claims it is the first to show the offline impact of paid search marketing based on actual behavior rather than consumer surveys and self-reported data.  The findings show that “for every $1 of e-commerce revenue generated from paid search, marketers can expect to see approximately another $6 of in-store revenue.”

Other findings also include:

  • The average click on a paid search ad generated approximately $15 of in-store revenue, with some merchants seeing as much as $28 of in-store revenue.
  • Approximately 9% of clicks on a paid search ad generated an in-store sale, with some merchants seeing up to 26% of clicks on a paid search ad generating an in-store sale.

via Pushing for Increased Natural Search Budget by Exposing Offline Impact | Conductor Blog.What sort of PPC are you and your business doing? Have you seen an effect on in-store purchasing?

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