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When Brian Gavin Diamonds was looking for someone to create and set up a dynamic social media program to promote his business and tap into a new sector of potential jewelry purchasers, he turned to The team at Optidge came up with the “Diamonds in your FACEbook Campaign.” As a result, Brian Gavin Diamonds’ fan base rose from 200 to over 5,800 in just two months.

The professionals at Optidge understand the importance of a large social media following for any business. They also have the knowledge and experience to facilitate the rapid growth of such a community. The “Diamonds in your FACEbook” promotion has already created a large base of new friends and customers for Brian Gavin Diamonds, and those numbers continue to grow.

The Optidge staff understands the importance of growing one’s social network community and populating it with “real” people – not simply padding numbers with people that are not genuinely interested in one’s products or services. Cultivating a large number of Facebook or other social media followers is not difficult. However, it is much more complex to correctly perform this process, which involves researching and working to find people who are honestly a good fit.

The experts at Optidge can do for your business just what they have done for Brian Gavin Diamonds – open it up to a whole new crowd of interested, real people.

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